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Uncle with anger issues in a Honda Jazz only knows how to swear and inconvenience others

Uncle with anger issues in a Honda Jazz only knows how to swear and inconvenience others



TLDR - Camcar is trying to do a three point turn, uncle does not let him and unleashes his limited vocabulary

Love watching adults act like children when those same adults probably criticise my generation. 

What happened?

A camcar at Buangkok link was trying to do a 3-point turn when a Honda Jazz operated by an unpleasant uncle was blocking him from completing the manoeuvre.

The camcar was quoted in the Facebook post saying that he was trying to exit a corner loading lot to do a 3-point turn. However, he needed more space to complete the turn as the kerb and walkway was on the right of his car. 

Wanting him to shift his car,  the camcar let out a quick beep to catch the Honda driver’s attention. But instead of shifting, the Honda instead reversed to block his way. 

Of course, the video starts with the uncle in the Jazz being the aggressor, so we have no way to verify the camcar’s story. Nonetheless, the uncle’s behaviour certainly doesn’t help his case. 

The uncle instantly starts with flipping the bird.


He then honks and shakes his flipped bird as if it somehow does some mental damage to the camcar. Instead, it gives me mental damage knowing people like this exist.


Impressively, he challenges the camcar by bidding him forward, all while keeping his middle finger extended. That takes practice. 


A bystander off-camera comes along and some exchanges in a Chinese dialect take place. Unfortunately, I can’t translate so if anyone understands do put it in the comments below. 

The whole video is pretty much the back and forth between the camcar and uncle, with mostly swearing on the uncle's end. But I’ll leave with my favourite bit in the video. 

 Bro, you cannot tell me that if you raised the pitches of their voices, it would not sound like children.

Online chatter

There was an abundance of jokes about the uncle’s middle finger.


Others questioned if the uncle genuinely reacted that way or if the camcar was hiding the footage of what happened before all this. 



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