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"Xiasuay" BMW 3 series driver tailgates and bangs into camcar while avoiding parking fees

"Xiasuay" BMW 3 series driver tailgates and bangs into camcar while avoiding parking fees



TL,DR - BMW driver tries to be a cheapskate and has skill issue, ends up needing to pay more than just parking fees

Guys… I’m running out of things to say for situations like these. Especially when certain vehicles are involved. 

What happened? 

A BMW 318 driver in Boon Lay Place decided to skip paying parking fees and that it’d be a good idea to pay for insurance claims instead. This is shown from how close they were tailgating the camcar.


I have not driven in a while, but I am very sure that’s not a “safe distance”.

I was promptly proven right because the BMW driver did not stop in time when the camcar stopped to enter the road. This led to an audible knock against the camcar’s rear bumper. 


The owner of the camcar got out in order to confront the BMW driver, though the audio of their conversation was too soft to hear in the video.  According to the Facebook post, the BMW driver claimed that the camcar driver was busy using his HP and other “lame rubbish”, forcing the BMW driver to reverse. 

In the original Facebook post, the camcar was quoted as saying “Tailgate also no standard bang people rear.” I like how this implies the camcar also tailgates others but is much better at it than the BMW driver.


Online chatter

You already know the first thing people are going to make fun of. 


The next thing people made fun of is how the driver could afford such a car but not the parking fees, especially since now he will have to pay more in the end than just a few dollars. 



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