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Motorcyclist sees life flash before his eyes after accident with heavy truck

Motorcyclist sees life flash before his eyes after accident with heavy truck



This situation almost turned very gory. Watch the video to see why.

What happened?

A motorcyclist at the junction of Jalan Buroh and Jurong Port Road had the bright idea of stopping in front of a heavy truck, and nearly lost his life because of it.

The motorcyclist was likely in the wrong lane for the direction he was heading, as he decided to rectify this by going right and stopping right in front of the truck.


This was already an accident waiting to happen. My anxiety could never.

And wait they did, as the video cuts to show them being the only 2 vehicles on the road. 


Soon after, the truck made its move. WIth almost disastrous results. The motorcyclist was knocked down, and his head was under the truck. In a miraculous stroke of luck, his head was knocked back by the truck’s wheel.


Bro must have 9 lives for real. 

Likely driven by adrenaline, the motorcyclist was able to quickly move out of the truck’s wheels. 

The truck driver stopped and opened the door, but we cannot hear anything they said, if any words were exchanged.

We do not have information on the status of the motorcyclist, or if the truck driver indeed missed him before moving.

Online chatter

The comment section is pretty unanimous in how it is the motorcyclist’s fault for stopping in the truck's blind spot


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Class 2 vs Class 4/5 , the main reasons are obvious, the Truck driver's vision must be blocked or partially hidden his view, the right side mirror were obscured by hidden object or lighting 

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