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Mercedes-Benz - Ready to grow with any business

Mercedes-Benz - Ready to grow with any business



With a varied choice of commercial vehicles designed to meet any business need and an established team trained to keep your vehicles in optimal condition, Cycle & Carriage Mercedes-Benz is the ideal logistics partner for any business, no matter its size.


Vehicles suited for every journey

You can never go wrong with Mercedes-Benz's efficient and capable offerings. With a varied fleet of options ranging from the Citan and Vito panel vans to the different variants of the Actros and Atego container trucks, the firm has a right-sized vehicle perfect for any journey and job.

This means that as a business owner, sourcing for vehicles all can be done conveniently via the same one-stop solutions partner!


Supporting you as you focus on what's important

But it's more than just a wide choice of vehicles that partnering with Mercedes-Benz offers.

With landmark vehicles such as the iconic short-bonnet trucks or the innovative high-speed racing car transporter, working with Mercedes-Benz also means that your business logistics is backed by more than 125 years of know-how when it comes to building commercial vehicles.


And all this know-how comes distilled here into its Singapore-based operations as well, with your fleet being serviced by skilled-technicians and cutting-age diagnostic technology all located at the Cycle & Carriage's Pandan Garden facility.

All this, of course, ensures that you can focus on all the other aspects of growing your business, be it looking for new opportunities, keeping your product relevant, or finding new growth opportunities.



Making sure there are no interruptions to success

While we're on the topic of vehicle maintenance, Cycle & Carriage also ensures that your business operations face minimal hiccups.

Its technicians are not only certified and recognised in the Mercedes-Benz worldwide network, but Cycle & Carriage also uses only genuine replacement parts that meet with the high-quality standards that Mercedes-Benz builds its vehicles with.


All this ensures that your operations are unlikely to meet with any unexpected interruptions. But even if you do run into trouble, there's always Cycle & Carriage's 24-hour roadside assistance to call upon.

These won't put a significant drain on your business expenses either. With competitive labour rates and optimal service intervals (Vans 20,000km, Trucks 60,000/80,000km) for its vehicles compared to competitors, servicing your vehicles with Cycle and Carriage will bring down your overall operations costs in the long run.


Already equipped as you move into the future

Together with Mercedes-Benz, your business will be ready to take the step into the electric future as well, so you can easily bring down your business' carbon footprint.

With models like the eVito Panel Van here in Singapore and offering a range of up to 327km alongside the e-Sprinter available in international markets, Mercedes-Benz is already all set to go all-electric along with you once you're ready to take your operations into an all-electric future.


Your trusted business partner

Are you ready to grow your business with Mercedes-Benz Cycle & Carriage? Visit Mercedes-Benz's website for more information about its fleet of vans and trucks, or contact Cycle & Carriage Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles Sales hotline at 6568 4638 for more enquiries!

*Images courtesy of Cycle & Carriage








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