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"Suay" VW golf hit by Malaysian-registered bike, netizens wonder how to claim insurance

"Suay" VW golf hit by Malaysian-registered bike, netizens wonder how to claim insurance



The vitriol in the comments is palpable. 

What happened?
A motorcyclist hit a Volkswagen Golf while lanesplitting on the Pan-Island expressway (PIE) on 7th August.

The motorcyclist made a sudden swerve and hit the car, causing him to flip forwards and off his bike.

Looks like when an NPC glitches out in a video game.

What has people in the comments riled up is that the motorcyclist was registered under a Malaysian plate, which would (apparently) make it difficult for the Golf driver to get compensation for damages as it is a foreign vehicle.

Online chatter

Some blamed the motorcyclist for the crash, coming up with a multitude of reasons.


Others took pity on the driver’s situation, which was indeed very suay.


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