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Busy drivers: This car insurance plan is made for you

Busy drivers: This car insurance plan is made for you



There is never a day that doesn't look busy for you.

After dropping the older girl off at school, then her younger brother off at his childcare centre, you'll have to take Mum either for the routine health check-up, or help ferry her around for those mahjong get-togethers with her friends. That's even before bringing in all the other household errands, and the personal appointments you have yourself. 

In other words, having your car at your disposal would really help to save your time. But accidents on the road do happen - even if they're not of our own making. If your car needs some downtime in the workshop due to an accident, what comes next? 


If your mind is already floating towards struggling with booking private rides, layers of tedious paperwork, and countless phone calls between the multiple parties involved, fret not. A simple yet comprehensive answer exists in the market today, ensuring that nothing will drastically disrupt whatever you plan on a daily basis for your family (and yourself).

The importance of tailoring coverage to specific needs

It goes without saying that having some coverage for yourself and your car is a necessity. A week (if you're lucky), or worse, an entire month (if you're not) can be thrown into disarray, if this isn't something you've made sure to deal properly with. Apart from this, getting a good deal is also foremost on every driver's mind. 

How far this coverage should extend, however, ultimately depends on the driver. After all, different lifestyles bring different risks with them.

02.thumb.jpg.8efd02001b982bb7b2e69f2c13fea4c9.jpgA simpler scheme, like the FWD Car Insurance (Classic Plan), already ensures that your bases are sufficiently covered: For medical expenses in the event of injuries in an accident, repair, and replacement costs, as well as extended workmanship guarantees for repairs handled by FWD's certified workshops. 

For drivers who have already accrued a pre-existing No-Claim Discount (NCD) of 50% for behaving well on our roads, signing up with FWD also ensures a Lifetime 50% NCD guarantee - as long as they remain a customer. FWD is currently the only insurer that offers this.

What about those who prefer something more comprehensive so that their partner who also occasionally drives can be insured? (This will come in even more handy when the kids get their licenses, and take the car out for meet-ups.) 

Apart from bumping up your daily transport allowance, moving upwards to the Executive Plan already removes another huge stressor by allowing you to cover anyone who drives your car, without the complexity of you having to name them. If your personal belongings are damaged, you'll be able to get some reimbursement too. 


Furthermore, it unlocks the usage of a courtesy car, provided, and arranged for by FWD Insurance, that will dutifully accompany you until repairs for your own car are complete. These benefits are available too under the even more intensive Prestige plan, for which the levels of financial coverage are taken another notch higher. 

On that note… 

Taking comprehensiveness a (unique) step further 

What exactly is a courtesy car, you may ask? 

Instead of having to source for alternative transport options on your own with the allowance provided, a courtesy car is effectively given directly to you for use - so that you can very quickly get back into your schedule. This isn't an exaggeration too; you could technically pick up the car, but FWD can arrange for it to be delivered straight to you.

As for what happens with your actual car, one of FWD's network premium workshops, spanning 15 locations islandwide, promises to help ensure your car is assessed and expertly dealt with.


If you would rather engage your preferred car workshops for servicing and repairs, both the Executive and Prestige plans also give you the freedom to pick the repair workshop of your choice.

Worth noting is that FWD's plans are unique by the very quality of offering both of these benefits simultaneously! 

A dedicated "personal assistant" for all your claims-related needs

All of what has been mentioned thus far may sound like quite a lot to digest - and it rightfully is so; with a certain level of comprehensiveness also comes a certain level of complexity naturally.

The best part about FWD's plans, however, is the assurance that all this can be simplified with one extra, crucial component: A claims concierge.

This dedicated 'personal assistant' will be there with you every step of the way. It starts with arranging the aforementioned courtesy car, and then, of course, continues with timely updates on the status of your car repair as it's in the workshop.

Not sure what the next step is? That's okay - the concierge will bring his/her own experience to the table, ensuring that proper corrective actions are taken.

If multiple parties are involved, the concierge will shoulder the tediousness of the coordination too, while also dealing with all the unwieldy paperwork tied inextricably to the case. (One can only imagine how much time they'd be saving if the process of ironing out issues turns out to be very long-drawn.)

You'll finally be promptly informed when your car is ready for collection. Arrangements will be made for the handover of the courtesy car, too, for those who've opted for and utilised it. 

Final note: Building your own insurance plan on a solid base

We've merely scraped the tip of the iceberg here. For instance, excess amounts can be adjusted further, and those who do road trips up North - all the way into West Malaysia and Southern Thailand - can even opt for additional coverage.


Underpinning this tailored customisability, however, is the same security one will feel knowing that their coverage is comprehensive, that no additional headaches will arise regardless of what happens on the road.

Click here to find out more about FWD Car insurance and the convenience it brings.

Disclaimer: T&Cs apply. Protected up to specified limits by SDIC. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.


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