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V-Power up your everyday drive

V-Power up your everyday drive




Enjoy Shell’s new and improved V-Power at the price of Shell FuelSave98 this National Day! Available 4 August 10am to 13 August 2023 10pm.

It's been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I tend to agree. Starting the day right with an enriching and enjoyable breakfast can instantly power up your 'engines' (your mind and body) to face the challenges that you'll encounter.

The same can be said for your cars - quality fuel crafted with advanced technology helps to keep an engine running effectively and healthily. And from one driver to the other, I believe you'll agree with me on how a mechanically healthy and powerful car adds to the daily driving experience. Here are three reasons to try the new and improved Shell V-Power today!


Shell V-Power cleans your engine 100% and keeps it that way

Strive for 100% not only for yourself, but also for your car's performance with the new and improved Shell V-Power fuel.

This new fuel is designed to remove 100% of performance-robbing deposits and prevents future build up on vital engine parts. It can clean your engine particularly well due to its formulation that contains three times more cleaning and protection molecules.


All kinds of engines will benefit from Shell V-Power

Enhanced with new generation deposit-targeting technology, Shell's latest V-Power formulation works in all kinds of cars. It will help all engines - old, new, hybrid, or performance types - to run more efficiently and perform at their best.

By keeping your engine clean, Shell V-Power will allow it to operate like new, just as intended by the manufacturer. This means that you will be able to enjoy a powerful drive and the best fuel efficiency that your engine is able to achieve.


Keep your engine running healthily with just a simple routine - opt for Shell V-Power

Your car is not that different from you. Small wins, such as completing all your tasks on hand will give you a positive push to work towards greater things. Likewise, your car's performance can also be improved with a simple routine - the fuel that you use.

By using Shell V-Power, your engine will get the best protection and stay clean, allowing it to always perform at its best. Keeping your car’s engine healthy by opting for Shell V-Power is much easier than trying to fix an engine in poor condition.


Experience the difference for yourself

While using the new and improved Shell V-Power, my car's engine felt perky and responsive. If you have been driving for some time, you should have experienced days when the car feels sluggish, and only more responsive on certain good days. With Shell V-Power in the tank, every day felt like a good day with great throttle response and a smooth-running engine.


The enhanced driving experience was surely a mood-lifter. And knowing that my car's engine is going to be clean and well-protected puts me at ease. And Shell's wonderful V-Power formulation isn't the only way to boost your daily drive. Shell also has a range of car care products to bring your driving experience to 100% - not just the engine, but also your seats, windows, and air conditioners!

From 4 August to 13 August 2023, you can try out the new Shell V-Power at the prevailing price of Shell FuelSave98, there's no reason not to!


What's more - Shell is currently running a Spot and Win contest. From 1 July to 31 August, you can redeem a Shell V-Power decal* with your Shell GO+ membership, and display it on your vehicle to stand a chance to win S$100 off your next Shell V-Power purchase!


*With a minimum spending of S$20 for riders and S$80 for drivers on Shell V-Power


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