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E-bike rider tries to start a fight after being honked by BMW driver at Yishun

E-bike rider tries to start a fight after being honked by BMW driver at Yishun



Lots of missing context in this one. Nonetheless an interesting watch.

What happened?

On 11 September 2023, at Yishun (again??) Avenue 6, an altercation broke out between a food delivery rider and a BMW driver.

According to the Facebook post, the BMW driver was “closely following” the rider before the incident, saying that “the traffic light signalled”.


How specific! Because the traffic light definitely doesn’t have multiple signals, each with VERY different meanings. But we’ll assume the light turned green.

Why else would someone “impatiently honk”? Unfortunately for the driver, the rider was apparently infuriated. This led to the shouting and various gestures seen in the video, though the camera was too far away to really record what was said clearly.


Oddly enough, the rider seems like a decent person, as they apologised to a driver in the lane besides and waved them through.

So either:
a) The rider is a bit sensitive and might have taken too long, prompting the BMW to honk. 

b) The BMW driver was tailgating and is indeed in the wrong and anyhow honk because they cannot wait. 

Let’s see what the comments think.

Online chatter

Obligatory “Yishun” comments out of the way first.


The general sentiment is that people are siding with the driver, though considering the demographic on Facebook, there’s definitely some bias there. Some just joined in to vent their frustration on cyclists. 


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