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Netizens horrified as BMW driver runs red light while child is unsecured in passenger seat

Netizens horrified as BMW driver runs red light while child is unsecured in passenger seat



There seems to be a common occurrence between such drivers… Can’t quite put my finger on it…

What happened?

A BMW 2 Series (220i Coupe SR HID M Sport if you care) ran a red light at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8. 

This is in itself, nothing special. More evidence to Singaporeans being bad drivers perhaps.

But this time, there’s also the driver’s wife and child in the passenger seat. Small enough to warrant needing a child seat, if the Facebook post is to be believed.


Next level irresponsibility right here. Getting into an accident is one thing, but imagine also dragging your child and spouse into whatever mess you created from being so kanchiong. Only to be first at the next traffic light too??


It baffles me what motivates people to drive like this.

Online chatter

Netizens noticed a similarity in this incident with other drivers…


Others were concerned and wanted to bring this to the attention of Traffic Police.


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