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Kia: Moving forward, inspiring change

Kia: Moving forward, inspiring change




Kia's rapidly evolving lineup and inroads into the Thai market mark it as an inspiring beacon for all as we transition into an age of sustainable mobility.

80 years may seem like a long length of time for an outside observer, but it could also be just the right amount of time for a future-oriented firm like Kia to get warmed up. With the Korean brand embarking on ambitious changes to its lineup and making new inroads into nearby Thailand as it marks its 80th anniversary this 2024, Kia's illustrious history now looks set to become but a prelude to a dramatic new chapter as it readies for a new and brighter tomorrow.

We look at just what new changes are underway at Kia as it makes its transition into a future sustainable mobility solutions provider.

A new plan for an exciting future

Kia is marking its 80th anniversary this 2024. This time has already seen the firm transforming from a bicycle manufacturer to the automotive leader that it currently is.

But Kia is not content to rest on its laurels: Four years ago, the firm revealed its 'Plan S', a mid to long-term strategy that included a host of ambitious goals which has since been updated to include a targeted electric vehicle lineup that comprises a total of 15 models which is planned to take up a total of 37% of all of Kia's sales and targeted to reach 1.6 million units, all by 2030.

The firm is additionally aiming to increase the proportion of recycled plastic used in its vehicles to 20%, and to reach carbon neutrality by 2045.


New moves into a nearby country

And it isn't all just about changing the way we travel or working towards decarbonisation at Kia. The firm has ambitious goals to expand its presence here in our region as well.

Kia Sales has already made its official debut in Thailand in January 2024, and just like Kia on the global stage, Kia Sales Thailand is ambitious. The firm plans to secure a total of 5% of Thailand's passenger car market - with 50% of these sales to be accounted for by all-electric vehicles by 2028.

The firm is additionally planning to rank in the top five in Thailand for brand awareness, and this goal is already being kickstarted with Kia Sales' first participation in the Bangkok International Motor Show this year. The motor show not only offered a chance for Kia to present its updated corporate identity, but also to launch the new Kia EV5 in the country, just months after the car made its international debut in October 2023.


An enticing new product to entice a future-oriented family

And on the topic of new models, Kia also has an enticing new lineup designed to win buyers over and to propel its ambitious goals.

Take, for example, the Kia EV9 which was recently launched here in Singapore. The all-electric SUV which embraces the firm's new 'Opposites United' design philosophy, which is manifested on this SUV in its strong and boxy exterior and also houses the car's attractive new star-map head lights.


While on the inside, the Kia EV9 offers family-ferrying ability, being able to ferry six. Passengers here will also be able to opt for either Kia's Relaxation Seats - which allow all to recline and relax while the vehicle is charging up - or the Swivel Seats, so those in the second and third row can engage in face-to-face conversations while on the way to their next destination.

Your family will additionally be kept safe, thanks to the car's suite of advanced driver assistance systems which include Auto Evasive Steering Assist, Junction Crossing, and Junction Turning, amongst others.

And underneath all this is Kia's E-GMP electric vehicle platform which allows the SUV to post a range of 512km courtesy of its sizeable 99.8kWh battery.


And one to win the hearts of the masses as well

But for those looking for something a little more compact, Kia also has a new EV5, which is based on the same platform that underpins the EV9 but measures in at just 4,615mm long, which makes it right-sized for any urban environment including the roads of Singapore and Bangkok. 

Designed to bring all-electric mobility to all, the Kia EV5 offers a claimed class-leading leg room and head room for those in the second row despite the compact exterior, and those constantly on the move are sure to also appreciate the fact that the car comes with a centre console which can double as either a heater or cooler for your drinks.


And just like the EV9, the Kia EV5 will also be offered with the brand's latest Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and can be charged up from 30% to 80% capacity in just 27 minutes.


Exciting times ahead

With so many initiatives planned, exactly what a firm like Kia will look like 80 years from today is anybody's guess.

But there is little doubt that the firm has already forged astonishing progress since its founding so many years ago. Both its EV9 and EV5 already place it in good stead to tackle the upcoming challenges of electrification and to meet the varied mobility needs of a future generation.

And the firm has already seen sales of its electrified vehicles account for 37.9% of its total sales in Europe in 2023, a 9% increase over the previous year. Add the fact that the firm's lineup is set to be further bolstered by two additional models - the EV3 and EV4 - and Kia's place in the future automotive realm, within the foreseeable future, is only set to grow larger.

Truly, moves that serve as an inspiration for all.

Find out more about Kia's lineup here!

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This Vehicle is so expensive.. I like this model vehicle..  A large place in this vehicle interior.....

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