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Collectors and our nonsensical urge to keep things new

Collectors and our nonsensical urge to keep things new



If you are a collector, or know someone who is, you would have noticed an odd thing that we do. It doesn’t matter what you are collecting - it could be model cars, figurines, vinyl or merchandise from the artiste that you love - but we all have that inexplicable urge to keep these items brand new, and it makes little sense.

When we purchase something we like, the idea is that we get to own the item, and can then fully enjoy it. But to do so, you would have to unbox and unseal the item to reach the contents.


I might have a problem... all these brand new, unopened diecast cars sitting under my bed.

Of course, one of the reasons to keep the item 'brand new in box' is to maintain a higher resale price when you eventually get rid of them, and that makes perfect sense. But then what about the people who have zero intention of selling their collection?



I find myself falling into the habit of buying multiple pieces of the same or similar products, with the intention to keep one new and unopened

In my recent Taylor Swift craze, I bought a vinyl from a Carouseller, who told me that she has an extensive collection of her vinyls, all of which are unopened - she chooses to watch unboxing videos to find out what the contents are. I’ve got to say that even though I bought the album with the intention of listening to it on my new turntable, I feel inclined to keep it unopened as well. In fact, I bought another copy (a different edition) just to listen to (and now I'm wondering if I should even open it as well).

This is a familiar pattern that I find myself falling into: I have multiple duplicates when it comes to model cars, often opting to buy one to open, one to keep in brand-new condition, and sometimes one more as a spare. I do see the irony of buying something and yet choosing not to use it for its purpose - if all I wanted was to look at a box or packaging, seeing a photo of it online, or seeing it on the shelves in a shop should suffice, shouldn’t it?

At the end of the day, are we even enjoying it if we don’t get to unbox and use the very item we bought? Are you a collector of certain products or items, and do you find yourself having the urge to keep things new?

Now, the question is, should I open that TTPD Phantom Clear vinyl?...


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