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SRM T3 EV offers strength with zero emissions

SRM T3 EV offers strength with zero emissions



The SRM T3 EV, with its 1.6-tonne payload and 355km city and 300km combined driving range, is an electric lorry for sustainable commercial operations.

Today, with climate change upon us, the pressing need to adopt sustainable practices has convinced many to move away from fossil fuels. Companies that used to rely on diesel power are increasingly turning to electric commercial vehicles.

Certain firms, however, require greater hauling power than what electric commercial vans can provide. That's a task for a pure electric lorry like the SRM T3 EV.


A powerhouse

Switching from a lorry with an internal combustion engine (ICE) to one with an electric powertrain brings many advantages. Apart from being more environmentally friendly, an electric powertrain is perfect for heavy duty applications.

The SRM T3 EV's electric motor produces 80bhp and 220Nm of torque, but they key thing to note is that the torque arrives instantly. There is no need to 'rev' the engine (or the motor in this case) as the response is immediate.

Instant torque is perfect for load-hauling applications, as goods can be more easily moved. And of course, there are no tailpipe emissions, so even as the T3 EV travels around the island, it does not generate any pollution or noise.

Speaking of goods, the SRM T3 EV's flatbed has an area of 5.208 square metres, and a maximum payload of 1.6 tonnes, giving companies tremendous flexibility and potential to transport various items. To put that payload in context, 1.6 tonnes is equivalent to the kerb weight of a mid-size SUV!


The T3 EV is designed to cater to different needs, and as such, is highly customisable. For instance, a cabin box or even a high box can be installed if goods need to be protected from the weather.

A full canopy can also be installed, which would enable the T3 EV to legally ferry up to 14 pax in the rear.

Thoughtful accommodations

Now, one might think that as a commercial vehicle, the T3 EV's interior is rudimentary at best. After all, the electric lorry was built to transport goods, not pamper passengers.

However, the cabin boasts numerous touches that make life easier for people working here. The steering wheel, for one, has a flat bottom design that makes it easier to twirl.

The multimedia system with its 9.0-inch display allows users to connect and mirror their smartphone.


This gives drivers the ability to access useful navigation apps such as Google Maps and Waze. It also provides handsfree Bluetooth telephony, so staying connected doesn't compromise safety.

Speaking of safety, occupants are further protected by dual SRS airbags, along with front- and rear-facing dashboard cameras, in case a mishap should occur.


Long-distance runner

Firms who are reluctant to adopt electric vehicles tend to cite their limited range as the main reason. But with the SRM T3 EV, there's no reason to worry. The 53.58kWh LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery provides a combined range of 300km, with a maximum of 355km in the city.

Frankly, 300km to 355km is more than adequate for an entire workday. Charging the T3 EV using an 11kW AC charger takes three hours, but for firms who need their vehicles constantly on the go, a 55kW DC charger can juice up the battery in 35 minutes.

For most companies, being able to slow-charge the T3 EV at the end of the day is enough to guarantee that the entire fleet will be ready in time for another full day of transporting duties. With minimal downtime, productivity is raised, along with the potential for increasing revenues.

Sturdy, reliable, comfortable, and with a relatively long range, the SRM T3 EV is an ideal choice for companies seeking to modernise their fleets, and ensure their operations remain sustainable and eco-friendly for years to come.













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