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Carpark Review: Our Tampines Hub

Carpark Review: Our Tampines Hub



Our Tampines Hub opened in 2017 and now hosts a 5,000-seat stadium, Tampines Regional Library, six rooftop swimming pools as well as a running track, amongst other attractions.

Of course, there's always the chance that you're visiting because you need help from the 24-hour Public Service Centre or help to satiate your hunger at McDonalds.


Manoeuvrability: Tight or not?

Wide driveways mean there's plenty of space to manoeuvre your car into a parking lot here, and the lots themselves are reasonably sized as well.



Ease of navigation: Confusing or not?

Our Tampines Hub offers quite a large basement parking lot, of which there are three different entrances. Take note of which exit from the carpark you use if you drive in via the entrance at Tampines Avenue 4, as this entrance leads into the first basement level. The entrances at Tampines Street 82 and Tampines Walk, meanwhile, will take your car into the second basement level.

Otherwise, navigation within the carpark itself is easy. There's plenty of signage to tell you where you should park depending on which facility you're planning to visit at Our Tampines Hub.



Lot availability: Crowded or not?

A section of basement two is typically closed (I suspect its only opened when events are being held at the stadium), but even so, there's usually enough lots to go around. If you’re visiting the Fairprice, or looking for a charging station for your electric car, head for the entrance at Tampines Avenue 4 - there's usually more lots from here and it's the easiest section of the carpark to push your shopping trolley to.



Cost: Expensive or not?

Parking here is $0.02/min from 12:00am to 5:59pm, and $2.40 per entry from 6:00pm to 11:59pm. Which means you'll spend less on parking here compared to Century Square or Tampines Mall.



EV Chargers: Can charge or not?

There's four 120kW DC chargers and six 22kW AC chargers here. Find them by driving in via the entrance along Tampines Avenue 4.



Motorcycle lots: Bike-friendly or not?

There are motorcycle lots located close to the carpark gantry at the entrances from Tampines Street 82 and Tampines Walk. Take the entrance located at Tampines Street 82 if you're visiting during peak periods - there's more motorcycle lots available at this side of the carpark. Motorcycle parking is charged at $0.65 per session.



Accessibility: Can find or not?

It's a large building and the carpark entrances come with large signs, so you know just where you're supposed to go.

Just look out for cyclists when looking for these entrances into Our Tampines Hub as these all cut through cycling lanes.



Overall design: Good or not?

The parking at Our Tampines Hub is hard to fault. If you can't be bothered to join the queue that forms for parking at Tampines Mall or Tampines 1 come dinner time, park here instead.








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I used to park at the mscp beside tampines hub after 6pm ... I will pay hourly rates rather than the $2.40/entry as I don't stay more than 2 hours.

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