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  2. Even though there is still some probability that a person might die suddenly, but i think chances still not high la. Many times you think you will die suddenly and yet you will live even much longer than you think. 😅
  3. You subscribe meaning you have no financial problems😀😀. I have to come to MCF to read free news .
  4. Made in China. Batteries not included. Did they try to put batteries or not? 😋
  5. $6 salary must see the person overall expenses and commitments, also if the person is single or married. You see many people not even have $6k salary and yet still able to feed a whole family. So must see how is the person lifestyle and spending.
  6. TangoCharlie

    ❤️Pre-CB 2.0 What Did You Makan Today?❤️

    Had a staycation at fairmont. $350 a night, comes with $100 dining credit and breakfast for 3. SRV can be used. Breakfast from Prego. Dinner, room service. Enjoyed the breakfast more.
  7. $36k x two, no wonder he feels very stretched?! 😅
  8. Also another COE car😪. The two add up is cheaper than the cheapest new car in the market. The salary range of the survey from 6k to 20k is too broad, and i don't think 6k can be considered as high income. I would say the 6k ones may have more real problems than the 20k ones. If a 20k one has roblem, it is most probably self induced.
  9. Airy

    4th Gen - 2020 Toyota Harrier

    @Bluecollar Can I check, does the new Harrier comes with the 3-flash turn signal function? Thank you.
  10. 13177

    Happy Father Day to all the fathers out there!

    Even married liao also no consider father hor if no kids. But if no married but become father, then power la. 👍 😂
  11. HDB upgrading for lift at every floor. There should be 2 entrance from the HDB unit, but need to go through the unit to exit via the other entrance.
  12. Freeder

    COVID-19: Phase 3 Heightened Alert 14 Jun to…

    https://sg.news.yahoo.com/cooped-indians-throng-malls-markets-031159364.html KNN , our borders still open to them when we are fighting our battle here.. CCB DEltas.. Pui..
  13. Since when are AD mechanics better than tire shops, where all they do are tires all day long. but then some tire shops also FAIL big time. Simple mounting of the red dot inline with the valve stem also cannot do.
  14. Tohto

    Happy Father Day to all the fathers out there!

    Yah.. just another day. Last time only mother's day.. Now Father's day. Next time ah gong, an ma day..
  15. You have 2 cars mah.
  16. Good lor. Wait for those who over leverage to pok.
  17. Mkl22

    New car discount/price/promo

    Only the super rich or very limited edition models like the Yaris will people do so without test driving or even looking. I would say most at the very least will go and view
  18. 豆豉 fish hor fun. The key word.
  19. YOLO (enjoy the moment in case you die suddenly, but which is higher probablity: die sunddenly at 40 or live at least till 60? Plan for something 2% or plan for something 80%?) and FOMO ( only upside, downside simply ignored and cast aside) dominate. Anyway these are personal choices. Bottomine, whichever happens, answer for it oneself, not pass the bill especially to people around you ( your family or "loved" ones).
  20. I have a $36k COE car, not a 500k car but I still feeling very stretched 😪😪
  21. Lala81

    Happy Father Day to all the fathers out there!

    OK lah just another day. Still need to clear the dog pool, cook lunch.
  22. Lala81

    Happy Father Day to all the fathers out there!

    Don't scare him...
  23. Wildfaye29

    SIM Only Mobile Plans Discussion

    giga has upsized their call time and sms to 500min and 500sms for $10 and $18 and $20 plans liao
  24. Today
  25. Freeder

    New car discount/price/promo

    Who are they? u dun scare me lei.. 7th month not yet come lei
  26. kobayashiGT

    The continuing GLOBAL stressful thread! Part II

    So cute! he choose the happy seat somemore. heheheheh.
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