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Toyota Corolla AE86 Revival! Initial D Fans COME IN!


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Autoblog.com reported last monday (July 30th) that Toyota is in the process of forming a special committee dedicated to creating interesting cars, mainly because Toyota has no sports cars left in their current line-up. Lexus is of course working on some good stuff, i.e. the IS-F and LF-A, but since the MR2 and Supra, Toyota has only been supplying the non-performance section of the market.

So the time has come for the resurrection of the AE86, a Corolla coupe from the 80's. Japanese car magazine Best Car (Japanese language site) has pried loose some initial specs of the AE86:


under 4m long,

approximately 1,7 m wide,

measuring 1,35m from the ground up,

target weight lies under 1000kg,

will most likely be powered by a 1,5 liter 2NZ-FE engine.

Toyota's new partner, Fuji Heavy Industries (or Subaru to most people) will be supplying the RWD drivetrain.


Like the Scion xD, which is branded as the Toyota ist in Japan, there is a good possiblity that the AE86 might make it to the USA as a new Scion tC, or as an entirely new Scion budget performance car. Toyota is aiming for a 1.5mil Yen (or $12,300 / under 10,000Euro) price tag.



for more pics. visit..

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Fujiwara Tofu Shop S’pore Opens In Feb, Excited ‘Initial D’ Fans Take Storefront Photos


Singapore Fujiwara Tofu Concept Shop Opens In Late February

The iconic Fujiwara Tofu Shop may have started off fictional but it’s all very real now. A concept shop bistro based on famed manga and anime series Initial D will be opening in Singapore in February.

The themed café, located at Sims Avenue, will allow customers to step into the world of protagonist Takumi Fujiwara.

And local fans can’t wait to visit. In the past week, many have visited the store to snap some pictures of the café and its cars, also based on the manga.

The store has had so many visitors that they even issued an advisory warning drivers that the turn into the store is tight.

Fujiwara Tofu concept shop located along Sims Avenue

On Thursday (19 Jan), the Fujiwara Tofu Concept Shop Singapore made its first Instagram post, announcing that they will be opening in late February.

In the caption, the store was described as a place for ‘car buddies’ to hang out and will offer “finger food, drinks, and merch”.

The quaint store with the iconic signboard that looks right out of ‘Initial D’ is located along Sims Avenue, next to the Nichiren Shōshū Buddhist Association. There’s a small carpark beside the café.

A sneak peak from 23 Jan showed the store’s decor featuring the Akina SpeedStars, a team featured in Initial D.


Some merchandise can be seen hanging on racks and several tables have also been set up by the windows.

The Singapore Fujiwara Tofu Concept Shop is reportedly a venture by a car enthusiast, Charwin Tan.

Becomes photo spot for fans

In the past week, automobile and ‘Initial D’ fans flocked to the concept shop, eager to capture a photo of their vehicle outside the Fujiwara Tofu Shop storefront.

Some days, the store is already so popular that the carpark appeared to be full.


And it seems that even riders want to join in on the fun, snapping pictures of their motorcycles in front of the Fujiwara Tofu Concept Shop.

The store said they are “totally cool” with people taking photos in front of their shopfront.

But they warned that the turn into the store is tight and advised motorists to only do reverse parking.

Check it out for yourself

While this is the first Fujiwara Tofu Concept Shop in Singapore, the concept is not a new one.

Fujiwara Tofu Cafés opened last year in Los Angeles as well as in Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

At these locations, fans are swept into the fictional ‘Initial D’ world with posters, miniature cars, merch, and car models decorations.

It’s a great hangout spot for those who love arcade racing or even just to have a chill meal with friends.

Just like the original tofu shop, the Malaysia Fujiwara Tofu café also serves up tofu-based snacks.

While it is unclear what the Singapore concept store will be offering yet, if you’d like to see the storefront and get the money shot for yourself, here’s how to get there:

Car and racing aficionados can also look forward to the café opening in February.

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