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Renault Clio R27


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It is a nice car exterior wise.


What confused me was the multi-function steering wheel. If you noticed, they are not mounted on the steering wheel itself, but behind it, thus obstructing any person driving normally on the road from figuring out what to select! Rather silly design imo. Might as well just select your audio functions directly from the head unit.


Another design feature of the clio that baffled me was also the bonnet latch which is located on the left hand side of the car, in other words, passenger side of the car. Some might argue this is because the French drive on the left side, but if the manufacturer is not willing to design the car according to where the car is going to be marketed in, then it is half a battle lost. [thumbsdown]

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1. multi-function does not only refer to audio control buttons. in this case, the buttons are not audio control buttons but buttons for cruise control etc. the steering wheel is thus multi-function. nothing wrong with that here.


2. if car designers followed your way of figuring things out, wouldn't it mean that gear-shift paddles such as those on the dsg golfs and evo-x and ferraris should be relocated to on the front of the steering wheels? so that "there will be no obstructing any person driving normally on the road from figuring out what to select"?


3. how many times a day do you pop open your bonnet? oh sorry, how many times a week do you pop open your bonnet?

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I think the labour can kill too. [laugh]


I say this cos recently I saw an episode of Fifth Gear(no not Top Gear) the host kbkp on how tough it is to change a light bulb in the headlight of a Megane. I was like... [laugh]


True enough they did a demo against a VW Golf. The access to the bulb is thru underneath the wheel achers and have to remove the front wheel [dizzy] . After looking at the engine bay of the Clio....sama sama that of the Megane.


It took a mechanic 45mins to change the bulb of a Megane while the host took slightly less dan a minute for the Golf. Dan they ask for quotation from dealers how much including labour and VAT(GST) to do the change. On average around 50pounds for halogen, for Xenon(have to remove bumper for this one) a whooping 290pounds [dead] .


Renault says that their designs have safety in mind. Golf has a 5star rating in this aspect too. Dunno what else is so tedious...[lipsrsealed]


I think some of us DIY on bulb change and it cost us only the price of the bulb. I dunno how sg dealer handle this kind of issue. I was shocked after watching that show.

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Neutral Newbie

change headlamp some japs car oso need to remove bumper sometime but not until 45mins


bah..... so many work liao then.... if u toking abt changing bulbs mostly all japs can


d.i.y, if u know how to remove the rubber cover and pin holder which to sercure the bulb


it juz takes less than 2mins, if change a headlamp bullb takes 45mins woa tat super long



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i guess it is quite fair to say that every car has its gd pts as well as bad pts. for someone choosing a car it's a matter of whether you love the gd pts and whether you can live with the bad pts.


some people think of quirks as inconveniences. others think of the same quirks as the 'personality' of the vehicle. don't get me wrong here, of course i'm not refering to critical vehicle issues as quirks.


some might say VW cars are engineered to 'perfection'. somehow that quest to that level of engineering has led to others thinking that the drive of a VW borders on being boring.


just a different point of view there. but i think owners of certain car makes can also relate to this. for example, some alfa car owners might agree that their alfas are "less reliable" than japanese cars, but the car has so much more soul both inside and out.

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firstly i acknowledge the fact that the headlamp bulbs in the megane could be much more of a pain in the arse to replace, compared to those in the golf. however, in that episode of fifth gear, when they asked for a quotation from the renault dealers, did they also get a like-for-like quotation from the VW dealers?


notwithstanding that labor is freaking expensive in countries like the UK, i believe that a quote from VW could possibly be in the region of 200 pounds. my guess is that the quotation could be for the whole set of xenon headlights (ballast etc), not just the light bulbs. VW golf also uses xenon headlamps btw.


come to think of it, is the show trying to 'amplify to sensationalize'? the main objective of a tv show after all is to get viewership and i do not disagree that such content also catches my attention.


i think fifth gear is not bad, but i like top gear even better, because of their (seemingly) unbiased reviews. for example they do praise french cars, but are also not ashamed to bash the same french cars if they fall below their par.

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I have drive both type of car that had multi function on steering and behind steering.


I find behind steering control is better for audio. You will not have to look for button if your steering wheel is angle during the turn.


French design ext and interior are good. Just the QC is lousy.

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