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Nice / Rare Vehicle Registration Number

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Elist on a Elise. I got it.


Still I think my "Elite" is the best ( finding, not ownership ).

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Saw this car plate number


last week along Lorong Ah Soo.


Does anyone know where this car is from and what the number plate possibly represents?


Your question is nothing that a little bit of Googling cannot answer.


Try it for yourself: just Google the words: XXX IDB number plate.


There are many cars in Malayasia with such plates, mostly Proton Perdana Executive.


There were issued for the 30th Islamic Development Bank conference in KL.



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C3 is from Pahang.


Intelligent use of Google will get you the answer.


If you Google "Malaysian car plate" the first hit you get is this:



On that page you will see the prefix for the various states. So, just like the early car plates in Singapore were S xxx, the early plates in Pahang ere just C xxx.


Why Google the words Malaysian car plate? Because the foreign cars you see in Singapore will almost certainly be from Malaysia, followed by Thailand.

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