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Nice / Rare Vehicle Registration Number


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3 minutes ago, kobayashiGT said:

The suka suka add then we LL have to pay! 😡

For a greener country.. WE Pay! whahahahahahaha..

Hopefully passed hoh.. failed i dunno how to solve.. I just bought my near 3 year old Skoda to inspect so no problem.. Soon be my Suzuki Swift.. 13 years old...

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1 hour ago, Volvobrick said:

Blackbird. This number used to be on a 7 series in the early eighties maybe passed on to the next gen now. 


Drive safe!

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Recently have seen a couple of cars where I wonder if the plate is worth more than the car.. Like my other recent post, EV8D on an Altis


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Not exactly nice or rare VRN, but I witnessed 4 x 339s at the same stretch. Rare sight for sure!

Probably belongs to same family or business.



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