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  • Signature should be a maximum of 300 characters.
  • Signature should be a maximum of 4 lines. Note that a blank line is also considered as a line
  • No images are allowed
  • No advertisements of any kind unless you are a paying sponsor. How to become a sponsor
  • No listing of phone numbers / email address unless you are a paying sponsor
  • No changing of font type. Only the default "Arial" is to be used
  • URL links are not encouraged
  • No URL links with the intention of drawing traffic away from MCF
  • URL links to the Marketplace items in MCF are allowed, but not to other classifieds/auction sites such as Ebay Auction, blog sites or journal sites.
  • No profanity or obscenities of any kind.
  • No slanderous, defamatory, obscene, violent, abusive, threatening and harassing comments
  • No political or racial comments
  • No personal attacks on other users.

Members that violate the signature guidelines will get their signature deleted, and replaced with the following sentence.

Please follow the signature guidelines.

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