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If you are a businessman/entrepreneur selling a product, operating a shop, advertising for a shop/brand or offering a service for a profit and wishes to advertise about it in MCF, the simplest and cheapest way to do so would be to become a sponsor, and post a topic in the Products & Services folder.

Here are the entitlements of a sponsor

  • You can post a single topic in the Products & Services folder
  • You do not need to clock 25 posts before starting a new thread.
  • You can advertise in your signature, however, Signature guidelines still applies.
  • You will get “sponsor” status.


Sponsorship costs $800 for 12 months. Me (Laserjet) is in charge of sponsorships deals on MCF. You can PM me, or drop me an email (Vincent@ mycarforum.com) for enquiries.

All sponsors will be required to be approved by me. Therefore, I will require the following details from you:
1) Name
2) Forum username
3) Contact No.
4) Email Address
5) Product to advertise

Do note that not all products will be approved. Do PM/email me the above details first. Payment will be collected in a single lump sum before you would be activated as a sponsor. Payment mode would be by cheque. I will further advise you on payment after the product has been approved.

Also see Guidelines for sponsors
If you are interested in other forms of advertising on MCF, please feel free to contact me as well.


Again, My email address is Vincent [at] mycarforum [dot] com


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