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MediaCorp Subaru Impreza WRX Challenge 2009 kicks off

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1st Gear

SINGAPORE: Hundreds of people in Singapore have entered a marathon test of endurance to win a car.


For the first time, the annual MediaCorp Subaru Impreza WRX Challenge is seeing participants from China, Taiwan and Indonesia.


Some 400 people turned up at the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza on Saturday to take part in the event.


They are all focused on winning a brand new Subaru Impreza worth S$81,000.


But some said they would not be keeping the prize if they emerge the winner.


"If I win the car, I think I will sell it and get the money," said contestant Eason Ju, as he does not own a driver's licence.


Eason, 27, is one of the 10 Chinese nationals taking part in the event.


Another participant, 27-year-old Telly Asih Handoko from Jakarta said that he too will be selling the car and put the money to good use.


"I have a dream to set up my own business in Indonesia. I will use the money to set up a motorcycle workshop," he said.


Among the local contestants, there are some who are no strangers to the challenge.


Naisha Jamil, a 41-year-old nurse, is taking part in the event for the third time.


"Last year, I lasted about six hours plus. Because I accumulated three penalty tags, I was asked to leave. I'm working permanently at night. I'm used to having little sleep. So, it shouldn't be a problem...as long as I don't accumulate the penalty tags."


The rules seem simple enough. The participants just have to place their palms firmly on the cars. The last man or woman standing will be the winner.


But it is a tough challenge. Last year's winner, George Lee, lasted a record 81 hours 32 minutes.


The challenge kicked off at 1pm sharp and hardly an hour passed before the first person was eliminated.


He is 44-year-old driver, Ang Theng Chuan.


He said: "I had to place my palm at the same point and I could not move around. I felt tired and it was painful."


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1st Gear (edited)

lol i went there at 1 am and there are ppl placing their hands on the cars....but they are using the 1.5 version for the preliminaries i think....the final round i think they will use the 2.5


lol...if the participants make it through to tuesday morning....its not bad at all....they win 81000 for 81 hours of putting their hands on the vehicle....thats like 1000 per hour man


there are even girls participating man....but of course there can only be one winner


got this from another forum


Edited by Ithunk

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Neutral Newbie

A lot of ppl participate in this sia ..


Anyone got the latest update ?

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3rd Gear

the WRX already won by 1 malay man.

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