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Is this Audi RS4 worth it?

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Its still quite a rare sight on our roads.


Gotta love the understated looks and colour, with a proper manual and 4.2 high-revving V8.


Will you plonk down $160k for this or get a comparable 4-year old M3?




Audi RS4



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1st of all dont believe the mileage. As for parked in basement I guess if both owner do the same & you speak to them, you can believe. This car was prolly purchased at body + paper + a bit more. Worth or not? Calculate the depreciation per annum cos you wont renew this car's coe due to large cc and small market of buyers. M3 is more iconic imo.





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What a car!!


The question here should be "Are you worth it?" [laugh][laugh]


IMO the price quoted is a bit dodgey... i would LOVE to have one but not this one.


anyway confidence down for 2nd hand cars after the floods. price normal doesnt really mean it has nvr been flooded.

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