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Toyota Altis Gearbox Cosmetic Modifications


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Dear fellow Forumers:


Would like to engage your help. I'm currently driving a 1.6L '06 Toyota Altis (G9.5), the Gear for my model has a Shift Knob and an Overdrive Button on the Gearstick. For the 1.8L variant, they get the fanciful shift gears instead. Due to the limitations on the 1.6L Gearbox, we are unable to do direct changes to our gear knobs, but I've heard that it can be done by having a separate button for the Overdrive and doing some modifications (considered more on cosmetic) so that we can change our gear stick and knob.


I've even seen a successful case of a complete change to the 1.8L type of Gear Shift, but it's just a cosmetic mod, not a gearbox change. Pictures are as follow:


1.6L Gear



Converted to 1.8L style Gear



Wonder if anyone has contacts or has any idea of any workshop that is willing to take up such a challenge.


I am planning to change my gear stick and knob to the one below, while still retaining the original gearbox:




Thanks !


Credits: Altis Group Singapore Forums

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Credits to www.myaltis.com/forum




This how it looks like when the custom connector is fitted on a 1.8L Gear Module and ready for 1.6L Gearbox installation. The shift lock button on our original 1.6L Gear knob is bypassed and the Overdrive is linked to Gear 3. The rest remains the same.

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So in short you want to change from straight shift to staggered shift plus OD?


I was quite blur when i read your thread. :mellow:


Yes Bro,


I have ordered my staggered gear and am waiting for it's arrival. Hoping to find a local garage that is willing to do the swap. My foreign friend has kindly included a simple installation manual.


Any suggestions ?

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