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Hi, Im looking to buy the 2016 Mk 7 Golf 1.4 TSI R line. Have been searching around for reliability on this model but couldnt find much info though.


I understand that this model is also using the DQ200 gearbox which is deemed to be a problematic gearbox thus far, not too sure if the issue has been resolved.


Also I understand that this model has a higher power output (150 Bhp, 250Nm) as compared to the normal golf of 122 Bhp , 200 Nm. Thus not too sure is there also any difference between this 2 model gearbox and reliability.


Any kind souls would like to share on its reliability here will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! :P

The gearbox on both models are the same. I think VW has resolved most of the issues with DQ200 though some "issues" that remains are more due to the fact it is a dry clutch setup.

Just collected my 09 golf gti. May I know where can i get a copy of the owner manual? Idk how to use the functions and all ð

Congratulations! Hope you enjoying your Mk6 GTI?


Try the following link.



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