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What kind of fines are these? (chicken feet to SMRT / SBS)

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SMRT and SBS have been fined by the Public Transport Council for not meeting performance KPIs.


So it seems PTC is finally doing some work.... yes?





























FYI, the amount of the fines is truly 'mind-boggling' and surely will serve as a wake-up calls to SMRT / SBS to buck up!! you want to know the amounts?
































$700.00 and $300.00.... no there's no typo and no mistake in the decimal points...


a driver's speeding fine looks like a million dollar 'jackpot' compared with these numbers............. and who's the chairman of the PTC??




























Gerard Ee............... no less


(btw, he still owes us a report on the "Review on Ministers' Salaries"..... or has he forgotten he's supposed to complete the review?? :o

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