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Carbon fiber Mercedes-Benz E-Class in development

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German car magazine Auto Bild is reporting in its latest issue that Mercedes-Benz is working on a superlight E-Class.


The lightweight edition of the E-Class will be made of carbon fiber (with more rigidity than steel) and weigh in at around 1,300 kg (2860 lbs) - which will be 350 kg (770 lbs) less than the standard model.


The superlight E-Class will also see a new design, influenced by the CLS, with engineers free to go with features such as gullwing doors or no B-pillar given the rigidity of the carbon structure.


The model also seems intended to lower Mercedes-Benz's fleet fuel-economy and CO2 quotients because the automaker is considering both hydrogen fuel-cell and petrol-hybrid drivetrains for the lightweight E-Class.


The superlight E-Class is due in 2015.



Source: Auto Bild (German)



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Wow, It is too late for me to see your post. I just booked a new E250 two week ago! But your carbon E should be very expensive! [jawdrop]

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