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Chevrolet Orlando


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Mine have the foldable mirrors cos its the newer one, 1.4T... in the past they only have the 1.8 version but now they bring this in because of road tax and insurance cos 1.8 is actually more expensive but i believe might be more powerful or on par...


Bro, does yours have the onboard gps?


Have GPS, reverse cam ...no sun roof, no audio controls on steering wheel


1.8... and bought at $109K when COE was nearing 80K :D

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Don't shoot you mouth off just to reveal how lacking you are on the subject matter...lim peh educate you lah. GPGT




There's the 'basic' or normal 1.8 and there's the up-spec version that was offered at $10K more.


For the up-spec version, there's a sun roof, a different arm rest between driver and front passenger, audio controls on the steering wheel and ... the motorised folding side mirrors


the test drive was using the up-spec model and I had thought that when the car salesman said the normal version does not have "auto mirror", I thought it meant the auto-folding upon engine off. I wasn't expecting that it was totally 'unmotorised' (even my 2006 1st gen altis had a button to get the side mirrors folded)


I don't value those other features at 10K so went with the basic version ... it had all that was practical (GPS, reverse camera, bluetooth connection to mobile phone (handsfree)...)


I see where you got your pic but it does not represent the model that was available in Singapore. The below pic of a used Orlando on SG car mart is the correct look of how the up-spec dash looks like... and that's the 2013 version



That pic of mine is taken from sgcarmart new car category. They never update the pics since the launch. Back dan I went to visit the showroom after the launch. There's only one trim that's the "LT", that's the mid range. Their low to high trim levels go in this sequence LS, LT & LTZ. I didn't know there are other trims levels offered. There were no other trim levels mentioned. What basic or up spec, never heard of them. I also went recently to visit the showroom. Now only one trim which is a lower trim called "LS". No mention of other trims levels too. I dunno where you got yours. LoL...


If the current low trim "LS" has auto folding side mirrors. Yours is truly a unique trim level.

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Bring the whole family down to test drive as well and see the car like what we did... the kiddos didnt need to be taught, they automatically knows which knobs to pull to fold the chair and climb to the back and even 'reinstate' the folded chair to original place... i too went to the back about 10 times to test and feel for myself as well as for one of the test drive, ok for me but if any taller or bigger than me will be a problem getting in and out to be honest... you have to tell the kiddos that they take the back when gramps are in the car (unless your kids are very young toddlers then cannot but if slightly older like my cousins kids one 4 and one 6 loves sitting right behind cos they feel like they are in the boot and they giggle all the time when they sit 3rd row dunno why also), same for us too and the kids are very happy cos one is a small size teenager about 1.62m and one primary 6 at 1.55m both are emo kids and they are very happy to sit behind 'far' away from us haha


do go around and start to hunt already so that you know what you want and what is good...


If you have budget do go see the ford S max, Renault Grand Scenic and Citeron Grand Picasso (i think thats what its called) and Peugeot 5008... And to be very honest, if you can get past the brand - Proton Exora 3rd row is very good size and climbing in and out slightly easier than compact mpvs and it is a very spacious 7 seater with good headroom and quite a good design...


The Renault and Ford i quite like them also quite spacious




The Exora is pretty good also. just that previously at 1.6NA pulling 1.4 tons, was pretty badly underpowered. Young kids got this thing getting into a cozy corner :D . Problem I have with my young kids in 3rd row is in the event of.... [sweatdrop]


But again IL(s)... [sly]


Glad you're not upset by my views… then i say more [:)]


If they are in late 60s, then i seriously discourage. I mentioned in an earlier post (not sure this thread or another MPV's) that I sprained my back muscle coming out of can't remember Zafira or Grand Scenic, but they (conti MPVs) are all about same size, so quite similar… at that age, might not be able to be subject to the type of bending, twisting of the body to go in/out, not to mention squeeze in 3rd row like sitting on the floor.


And the hole puncher seats. I don't want to imagine if one of them accidentally leg not fully in safe position and the seat comes down… Anyway, I for sure won't take this risk...


Thanks for sharing.. [thumbsup]

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I am driving BMW 5 series which I love very much. However, I dare not drive this car into JB and beyond. You see my life style changed and I am into fishing and some small biz which need me to deliver goods.I was looking for a practical car to do all these, deliver goods, go fishing in JB and as a 2nd car. For me being a big guy, choosing a car is not easy task.

I tested Mazda 6 Wagon. I like the acceleration but the sound of skyactive engine is just beyond me. I tested the Subaru Forester, almost buy it but worry another high maintenance car is a headache. I also tested the Mazda 5 (2nd hand), I think I like this the best but the price deterred me. I also test drive the Ford S Max (2nd hand) and it was a let down.

Orlando is a car not my choice initially, however my wife likes it. You see I am a woman's man. So I decided to test drive the Chevy Wagon and Orlando. I settled in to Orlando because it is really a practical car. For me, there is no need to get use to it as it is a European style MPV, signal left wiper right, petrol cover on right etc. It comes with GPS, reverse camera, foldable mirrors, cruise control and loads of space. The pick up is very punchy when the turbo kick in. The turbo sounded nicer than the mazda skyactive engine imo. With 5 big adults it still can pull in quite decent acceleration. Best of all, in mudland, this car is safe with a 5 Star NCAP and though car thieve like MPV and SUV but not this one. I guess is not so easy to dispose.

So if you need a practical car, at the price you are paying, this is the cheapest in town now.

But it has some cons.


1. Fuel consumption. Being a 1.4 T if you are heavy footed like me, it does drink a bit at @9-10 l/100km urban drive.

2. It does not have keyless entry.

3. No sun room (who cares right?)

4. 11 seconds acceleration . not too bad la (you can chip it :) )

5. Stiff suspension. But it is usually like this for european car.


Hope this helps.





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Can someone here advise me the stockies for Orlando car.

My friend has a broken headlamp need to replace.



Try Song Yi at Veerasamy Road. Pls Google for details.
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Any Used car parts -scrapyard to recommend here.. My friend has a broken headlamp.


Another cheaper option for him. Thanks


Don't think you can find headlamp in scrapyard as this model has yet to reach scrapping age. Car launched somewhere in 2010 if I'm not mistaken.


His best bet will be to check out Chevrolet stockists like song yi at veerasamy road in hope of better pricing.


Based on my exp with them (for hyundai parts), price can be at least 30-50% cheaper than what AD sells.

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