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The Future of Motoring in Singapore

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I really hope it's this:


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Came across this piece online. Although some ideas are a little flawed, I think such a future is a real possibility and it has got me thinking about the future of driving in general.




With the rapid advancement of technology, it seems that the "driving experience" as we know it will no longer be the same.


Example 1: MT vs AT vs DCT


Some time ago it could still be argued that MT was faster and more efficient than AT, but with improvements in AT technology and DCTs, it's just a matter of when MT will go the way of the dinosaurs. Nowadays the main argument for MT vs the rest is the "feel" and "driver engagement".


Example 2: Internal Combustion vs Hybrid vs Electric


Electric motors are known to perform equal or better than IC engines in terms of power and acceleration. And to tie in with example 1, electric motors don't even need a transmission! So the main argument for IC against electric motors is the sound and "feel" that comes with revving it. Again, it seems like the days of IC are numbered, especially with growing environment concerns.


Reading "the joy of a manual" thread, good to know there are still driving enthusiasts out there. The thing is, is our idea of what a driving enthusiast should enjoy - driver engagement, steering feedback, engine/exhaust noise, etc - outdated and archaic? Are we just hanging on to this ideology because it is all we know? Think about it, not too long ago there was still a resistance against touchscreen smartphones because these users were too accustomed to tactile keypads, but now that resistance is all but dead. Do you think the idea of "joy of driving" is about to be reinvented soon?

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