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Subaru Impreza 1.6i shock absorber?

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Thank you bro.


Kyb oem shocks will cost u abt 600 before installation.

Original parts will cost double.


Don't forget to do wheel alignment after replacing shocks.


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Hi, sorry as english no good.


After 4 yrs drving my Impreza 1.6L Manual stock shock absorber with vogtland lowering spring for 2 yrs...

Now i.m encountering with... Both front wheel after going over humps can feel Front right bounds more den Front left at biting point.

Instead it should feel the same for both rite????


Can any pros out there advise me ( XIAO DI ) pls...


I was thinking of changing to Coilover, but will worry for my passenger and for young child as they cant take the bupiness...


Is it time for the shock to UP LORRY?

Can it be repair / service?

Any recommened W.S to rectify it?




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Seeking advice on coilover.

Currently, my ride is fitted with Advance coilover but it is giving me & my family headaches and stomach upsets due to the bumpiness.

Does all coilover settings is like this? Or do I need to reset the dampness of my springs?


To all pros, pls advice.


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Reset to the softest damping it will feel slightly better. Did the ws told u they can set to comfort? But after u pay they say that's the best. Haha I try my fren d2 cs coilover on jazz, can cheong over hump. No bumpy. Regret my r logic. It's bad.

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Hello Folks,


I am currently driving Subaru Impreza 1.5R manual. FC about 10/Liter. Quite happy with the ride, but recetly having issues with the car.

 60 to 70 KMPH speed there is humming sound coming from the car, when ever I brake there is noise and its due to change timing belt as well.


How much will the above cost me? Any recommended workshop?


I have a rear rim which is slighly wobbleing, could that be the reason for the humming noise at high speed? Can a tyre shop remove or repair the wobble?


Thanks in advance for your advise & guidance.

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