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$38 Night Valet Service! Car Insurance Quotes!

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Check out this month's deals, promotions and discounts that
shouldn't be missed, specially for sgCarMart/MyCarForum


Hurry and Grab your favourite deals today!
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Cool n Lite Titan Series

The Titan series offers optimum protection featuring both excellent UV rejection coupled with an extremely high level of solar energy rejection. These range of solar films are manufactured with the industry’s latest technologies, using only the finest materials to guarantee a long lasting performance for your investment.
Contact us at: 6100 6262


Choose Car Insurance That Suits You!
Car Insurance - Instant coverage online for Comprehensive or Third Party insurance plans.
SOS Car Insurance - Aimed at drivers who are considered 'high risk' by other insurers.
Low Mileage Car Insurance - 'Drive Less = Pay Less' if you drive under 8,000km a year. Ideal for OPC - first time in SG!
Best price guarantee up to 25%! No middle man. No agency comm. 0% interest monthly instalments.
Contact us : 6665 5555


D1spec Brakekit has Proven and tested to ensure success in both high-performance and street driving.
D1spec Brakekit also engineered with a floating disc mounting system and a billet aluminum hat to reduce "unsprung weight" for lower temperatures, better handling and diminished heat-related stress

D1spec Brakes' floating disc design also contributes to braking power and enhances pedal feel, its includes all parts for a complete braking rebuild: Sloted discs, harden calipers, braided stainless steel brake hose, long-lasting aggressive- high temp performance pads and pre-torqued high-quality hardware.
Contact us at: 8321 7070
The resulting effect is a more efficient engine without any modification to your existing engine. E-Power System installation is fully reversible; i.e. The System can easily be removed whenever required and your engine will be back to its original state before the installation of the E-Power System devices. E-Power System can be re-installed on another vehicle thereby making your investments “value for money”.
Celebrating 11th anniversary special with 50% free upgrade! Free trial. Money back guarantee!
Contact us at: 9001 1086
Our tested and proven formula has the following effects:
Restores and enhances the air-con performance of your vehicle.
Kills 99.9% of bacteria.
Yields fresher air-con for better health.
Enhances your air-con performance without having to change your cooling coils or air-con system.
Your air-con system consumes most of your vehicle’s power, so with a better performing air-con system, your vehicle will be more fuel-efficient.
Cost & time economical. Tested & proven. Door step service. No hidden cost and packages.
Contact us : 8668 7676
Islandwide drive home service at only $38. Try your luck in gambling but not with the law!
Enjoy being driven home at the comfort of your automobile at a cheap rate of $38 per trip!
Contact us at: 8181 1728 / 8181 1730


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