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D'vAlet - Night Valet Service

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D'vAlet is the premier Drive-Home Service provider in Singapore that ensure both you and your car back home safely, should you have consumed alcohol or be unable to drive.


Our mission is to provide you with the highest level of service, exceptional care and guaranteed satisfaction. Reputation, credibility and professionalism are our key assets, which is why we receive continued support from our valued customers. We treasure your compliments and suggestions, and treat each complain as a gift whereby we can strive and improve on.


This also goes to show how strong and committed we are as a company, to provide a full fledged service at a super-value and how long term we intend to stay.





Our Customer Promise “Great Service! Great Value! Great Team!” is our testament to ensure you continue to enjoy quality Drive-Home Service with a peace of mind – in seeing you home safe and sound. Our team of dedicated professionals are both experienced and competent so that we are best equipped to serve you confidently.

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