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AutoDrift Pte Ltd - Remote Control Cars

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Autodrift Pte Ltd



AutoDrift Pte Ltd was established for the purpose of guiding and assisting Radio-Controlled (RC) enthusiasts, both beginners and seasoned players alike get into this ever rewarding hobby.


Our vision is to provide RC Players, young and adult from all walks of life with the very best in Radio-Controlled Model Cars and a whole range of associated products. Our main focus will be an emphasis on affordability, as we understand that a majority of our clientele are youths.


AutoDrift carries a wide assortment of RC gears which includes car kits, motors, tires and all relevant accessories. AutoDrift will also be the distributor of Yokomo RC Products in Singapore, an internationally recognised brand from Japan that is a favourite among local hobbyists because of its quality and mass appeal.With a strong commitment to the RC Hobby and community at large, we will continue to venture into new ways to promote the hobby to the public while maintaining affordability and quality customer service.


The company also actively supports and sponsors to the local public community, and organizes Radio-Control Car related activities for many events in order to serve the community as both individuals and corporate clients.











Autodrift Showroom Business Hours :

Monday to Saturday : 12.00pm to 8.30pm

Sunday: 1.00pm to 7.30pm ( Parking Free )

Autodrift membership

- Instant 10% discounts for almost all items in store


How to become a member?

- Drop by our store, fill in a form and enjoy with your new purchase.


Membership fees?

- Autodrift offer free membership schemes - discounts plus reward points.


Membership reward points system

- All Autodrift members will be rewarded base on their purchases by point systems.


How does the reward points works?

- The reward points will be added as 1 point per S$1 purchase in our store.


How do I use my reward points?

- The reward points can be used to offset your subsequent purchases base on per 100points = $5 basis, on any purchase above twice of the rebate amount (That is 50% off!).


Membership Categories (updated as at 3 September 2014)

- Silver Members (1 - 1,000 points) – 10% discounts + Reward points.

- Gold Members (1,001 - 3,000 points)– 15% discounts + Reward points.

- Platinum Members (3,001 - 6,000 points) – 20% discounts + reward points.

- VVIP Members (6,001 - 10,000 points) – 25% discounts + reward points.

- Super VIP Members (10,001 points and above) - 30% discounts + reward points.

* Except Special offer items.

* Electronics items : maximum discounts - 20%.


Membership Referrer Program

- First of all - you need to be an existing Autodrift member with purchase records.
- Your reward points will be added base on your new referee first purchase.


Birthday week discounts

- 30% off on all parts & accessories during your birthday week (Sunday to Sunday).

* Except Special offer items.

* Electronics items : maximum discounts - 20%.


Terms & Conditions

- The reward points system does not apply to any Special offer and Birthday discounts.

- The referrer program still works on all items base on the new referee first purchase.


Enjoy your RC Hobby!!!



Autodrift Pte Ltd

Blk 465 Crawford Lane #01-06, Singapore 190465

Phone: 62994795

Website: www.autodriftrc.co

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