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Range Rover Evoque (New Age Hybrid Coating) + 10 x Complimentary Maintenance


Advantages & Benefits:


✔ Exceptionally long term durability up to 60 months
✔ Back up with 3 years warranty
✔ Free 10 times complimentary maintenance with any packages sign ups
✔ Free Complimentary Parking at their detailing studio
✔ Fantastic water repellent effect
✔ Bird dropping, water spots, bugs splatter resistance
✔ Anti-soiling and dirt-repellent
✔ UV exposure , Thermal, Acid Rain, Oxidation & Scratches resistance 
✔ Helps to prevent water marks, dirt, algae and bird fouling from adhering
✔ Presents wet look, high glossy finishing at all times
✔ Drastically reduces cleaning frequencies, saving energy, time and cost
✔ Wallet Friendly (No more polishing/waxing require)
✔ Suitable for all colour car including matt paint
✔ Eco-friendly and harmless to neither human nor the Earth
✔ Professional competence paint protection specialist ensures all vehicles are coated with consistency and fine quality workmanship


For more inquires
Email - info@newagepolish.com
Call / SMS / WhatsApp : +65 81610131

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