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B'Shine Grooming - SONAX Premium Detailing Centre SG

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1st Gear (edited)
We will first like to thank MCF for having us into this wonderful community of car lovers.


Just a Brief introduction of ourselves.




Check out our Facebook page for updated works, promos and do give us a "Like" you like what you see.




SGCarmart Listing and Reviews



We Are located @



Block 18, Boon Lay Way

#04-145 S609966

(Near to Jurong East MRT)


Monday to Saturday

9am to 7pm.

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays


For Enquries, please SMS / Whatsapp

Bryan 9146 5566

David 9879 2202

We will get back to you the soonest we can!



Cheerios to the MCF Community.

We hope to be of great service for all of you.


Warmest Regards,

B'Shine Crew

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1st Gear
SONAX Nano Paint Protect
12 Months Protection
This Revolutionary Professional Product creates a Glossy Protective layer that repels Water and Dirt and protects the Paintwork against Environmental damage for up to 12 Long months!
It's visible Hydrophobic Characteristic is the proof of it working harder for you everyday, protecting your car's paint work. 
Giving you a sense of pride owning a perfectly maintained car and increasing its value when it needs to be Sold.
The SONAX Research & Developement team has succeeded in developing a special dispersion made from silicon nano-particles which far exceeds the durability of waxes and sealants. 
After a detailed Paint Correction and Polishing of the paintwork, Sealing in the flawless Paintwork with SONAX Nano Paint Protect is a wise and economical choice to protect your painwork all year around.
SONAX Nano Paint Protect has a dirt-repellent effect so the car stays clean for longer period saving you time and money for less frequent car washes.
Even stubborn dirt such as insect residues or tar stains are minimized to cause damage to the paintwork and can be remove easily
This product is for exclusive for Premium Professional Partners only.
Products of the SONAX ProfiLine range were specially developed to meet the needs of Professional Valeting/Detailing and produce the best results when executed with proper tools and techniques by a Skilled Detailer.
Do note :
This treatment requires a full day duration, in order for us to do a detailed Paint Correction and Polishing before finally Sealing the Restored paintwork with SONAX Nano Paint Protect. 
We also need time for the product to cure and harden in a controlled environment for it to maximise its potential.
SONAX Polymer Netshield
6 Months Protection
The SONAX ProfiLine Polymer Netshield is the latest Arsenal in SONAX Professional Car Care Portfolio, Developed to Specially compliment the SONAX Nano Paint Protect.
- Enhancing the Gloss and Deepening the Colour further
- Enhancing the Waterphopic Characteristic to improve the water beading effect even more!
- Combats Watermarks.
SONAX Polymer Netshield has been specially developed to Combat watermarks and excels extremely well in this aspect.
Working hand-in-hand with SONAX Nano Paint Protect to enhance the Waterphopic Characteristic and further protecting your Paintwork
*Please note that SONAX Polymer Netshield is a professional application and will not be available on retail.
The SONAX Profiline series is the highest grades of the SONAX Portfolio developed.
Surpassing the Retail range of the Xtreme series available on retail.  
This range was set aside for exclusivity for SONAX Premium Partners.
We are located at TradeHub21, 18 Boon Lay Way, #04-145
Our Opening Hours are:
Weekdays 11am to 9pm
Weekends 12pm to 7pm
Closed only on Public Holidays

Interior Services
Leather Conditioning
SONAX Profiline Leather Conditioner is specially formulated to be of a non Oily and Greasy.
Protecting your Leather before irreversible damage happening due to the harsh UV damage and also daily wear and tear.
Saving you costly Leather wrapping in future.
Interior Plastic Trim UV Protection
Using SONAX Profiline Plastic Cleaner to Protect your Plastic Trim from UV Damages.
Preventing plastics from getting "Sticky and Melted" under our Harsh Sun in Singapore and having a Dust Repellent Properties as well.
Glass and Mirroring Cleaning
Using SONAX Extreme Glass Clear to gives a Clear and non-Streaky finish for Glass and Mirrors
Aircon Cleaning & Ozone Care
Having Stubborn smell in your Aircon System? Using SONAX Air Con Cleaner that get rids of 99.9% of all bacteria built up in the Air Con System and Ozone Care Air Con Treatment to refresh your Air Quality in your Car. Start having Fresher Air when you are driving!
Deep Leather Cleansing
Using Steam Gun Cleaner to gently massage and agitated stains and debris out of your Light coloured leather seats to removes stains and restore the colour up to 90%!
Deep Alcantara Cleansing
Using SONAX Alcantara Cleaner that is gentle and yet effective to remove stubborn stains and preventing discoloration for our Precious Alcantara Seats.
We are located at TradeHub21, 18 Boon Lay Way, #04-145
Our Opening Hours are:
Weekdays 11am to 9pm
Weekends 12pm to 7pm
Closed only on Public Holidays
Do Visit our Facebook Page @ http://www.facebook.com/bshinegrooming'>http://www.facebook.com/bshinegrooming'>http://www.facebook.com/bshinegrooming to see the collection of our works.
If you like what you see, please do help us out by liking our Page n receive updates on our promotions and services.
Contact us @ 9146 5566  / 9879 2202.

Paint Correction and Polishing
Using top of line SONAX polishing products to effectively clearing of most paint defects.
Example : Holograms, Swirl Marks, Light Scratches, Water Marks.
Complete with a Mirror Finish Polishing to enhance the Gloss and Colour of your Car.
We have a wide range of Polishing Compounds after accessing each Individual Paint Condition ensuring that no Over Polishing of your clear coat to preserve the Shine of your car for a longer time.
We also do Carbon Fiber Polishing using Gentle Polishers n Pads to prevent damaging your Genuine Carbon Fiber Parts.
Claybar Service
Complete meticulous Claybar of Exterior even in the tighest area to keep the Paint Work Smooth and clear of Contaminants to prevent invasive oxidation of paintwork.
Rims Detailing
Using SONAX Extreme Rim Cleaner that removes even the Toughest and most Stubborn Brake Dust Accumulate on the Rims to make then as good as new again!
Coating it with a Sealant after that makes Rim Cleaning in Future a breeze to handle.
Windscreen Polishing
Using SONAX Glass Polish to remove thin layers of debris that settles on Windscreen for a smooth surface that improves safety during rainy season. Prevents juttering of Wiper on Windscreen.
Headlight Restoration
Having Yellow and Aged looking Headlights due to oxidation and the sun? Make your headlights brighter and looking like new again! Improving its Look and Safety for you and your family.
Engine Bay Detailing
Greasy, Dusty and aged looking Engine Bay. We will make your Engine Bay looking Like New again!
B'Shine Grooming Car Wash with Vacuum 
Using SONAX Gloss Shampoo Foam Wash with 2 Bucket System to prevent Swirl marks
Unlike Petrol Station/JB Car Washes. Proper Top Down Technique Techniques being practised and clean cloths for drying for each Individual cars.
*Non Members Car Wash is reserve for 6pm to 830pm Weekdays and 12pm to 630pm on weekends. Do Kindly Drop us a call to check for slots.*
B'Shine Grooming Car Wash and Wax with Vacuum
Complete the Wash Package using SONAX Hard Wax or SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer for that Extra Gloss and keeping your Car Cleaner for a longer time.
*Non Members Car Wash is reserve for 6pm to 830pm Weekdays and 12pm to 630pm on weekends. Do Kindly Drop us a call to check for slots*
We are located at TradeHub21, 18 Boon Lay Way, #04-145
Our Opening Hours are:
Weekdays 11am to 9pm
Weekends 12pm to 7pm
Closed only on Public Holidays
Do Visit our Facebook Page @ http://www.facebook.com/bshinegrooming to see the collection of our works.
If you like what you see, please do help us out by liking our Page n receive updates on our promotions and services.
Contact us @ 9146 5566  / 9879 2202.

Introducing the New Flagship Premium Ceramic Paint Treatment from Beeds.
Beeds HD.
Is made of nano molecule so small, it can fill up pores of your car’s paintwork and crystallize within. Therefore, it is not only durable to the elements, it forms a strong protective glass-like membrane on your car’s paintwork that enhances the gloss effect.
Ceramic Paint treatment is the ultimate paint protection, using nano composite ceramic molecule. This latest paint protection system provide enhanced levels of anti-graffiti, high water repellency, corrosion, oxidation and anti-scratch properties with its Industry leading 9H rated hardness rated to last for 2 years and more!
Beeds Ceramic Paint Treatment works 24/7 because with one of the most important properties as anti-fouling and anti-dust, harmful chemicals, dirt, tar from the road or the environment will not stick and damage the paintwork of your car. Regular car wash with shampoo will rejuvenate your beloved ride to showroom shine effortlessly.
B'Shine Grooming is honored to be appointed one of the authorized Detailer for this amazing product.





Zack dropped by one afternoon wanting to groom his car for his Wedding day.
When we were first introduced to his car that was parked further down our unit. We got a shock as the paintwork is in really bad shape. It had badly oxidized paintwork and all sort of paint defects that made the car looking like it had Matt Paint.
To further increase the challenge even more, his wedding day was just 3 days away and we were pretty booked for the next 2 days. 
We really wanted to help Zack and also not wanting him to break the bank on a urgent job like this, we manage to slot his car 2 days later.
Another huge challenge arise when we started working on the car, Honda's Paintwork is notoriously known to be "difficult" to correct. The soft and thin paintwork makes a correction job of this extend very challenging to correct and not burn the paint.
We had to experiment different pads, compounds, polish, machine and speed on each different panels to achieve the desire result without burning thru the very thin clear coat.
After 4 hours of Correction works and was satisfied that it will be Wedding Photography Worthy. We then layered the corrected paintwork with SONAX Premium Class Carbauna Wax which will make the car shine with a incredibly warm glow and gloss that will be most ideal for outdoor photoshoots.
Its Always a Pleasure to work on Wedding Cars for us to help make a very Special Day just a little of special and memorable for the Couple.
We wish Zack a blissful Wedding.
Here are some photos on our journey on this car.
Paint Defects all over the car. You name it, It has it.
Oxidized Matt Bonnet
Photo Worthy?
Outdoor Shoot in Natural Light
Do visit our FB page @ http://www.facebook.com/bshinegrooming for our collection of works and services!











The Full Array of Pads, Compounds, Polish, Machines we had to use on just this Job

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1st Gear (edited)

Besides our inhouse Detailing services, we are humbled and proud at the same time to be the Trusted and Preferred Car Detailers

for Leading Luxury & Lifestyle Car brands like :




Mercedes - Benz






We are often engage on site for their New Launches, Road Shows and Mega Events to ensure their Display Cars are even beyond Show Room Standard.


BMW World 2014


B'Shine Grooming was engaged to provide Show Car Grooming Services to seemingly the Biggest Single Vendor Car Show Event in Singapore.

Over 50 display cars, 11 Bikes and another 50 test drive cars were under our care
Each Display Pieces had to be prep before the show for the abuse it has to receive from the public and the challenge was to ensure easy and quick maintenance through out the event while achieving Show Room Shine under the very unforgiving spotlights of the event.
It was a long and tiring event but we took away a lot from it and pride ourselves to help the car shine through out the day.
We will like to thank our good friends in the Detailing world for without for their Help, Support and advice.
This event would not had been such a successful one without you guys.
One Perks of being The Detailing Team for this is that we get to do a photoshoot without the Crowd! 
Enjoy some of the selected photos (for the full album, do visit our facebook page. www.facebook.com/bshinegrooming





Edited by BshineGrooming

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1st Gear



We are often engage for their Premium Road shows.









New Launches at Mercedes-Benz Centre Alexandra
MEGA Events
SINGAPORE Motor Show 2015
AMG A45 Matt
A Class
GLA Class
B Class
C Class


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1st Gear
Ros' dropped off her Mercedes-Benz S350 for a Intensive Paint Correction Service.


The car has been pretty neglected for the past 4 years and the paintwork was in a pretty bad shape





Check out the Video Version Below


We took the chance to do a 50/50 comparison on the bonnet.

This was taken after the 3rd step of the Paint Correction process with a 1 remaining Finishing Polish to go.


Ros chose to have the Finished Paintwork coated with Beeds HD Premium Ceramic Treatment.


Check out the Video Version Below

Finished Product


















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1st Gear
Yan had recently had his Jag polished and was not satisfied with the result and made a appointment to come down and have us look at the situation.
The Paintwork was marred with a lot of machine swirls and holograms that inhibits the gloss and clarity from the paintwork. Other than some moderate water markings on the roof, boot and bonnet. Pretty much everything wasn't a big issue at all.
He opted for a Full paint correction and chose SONAX Nano Paint Protect + SONAX Polymer Netshield as his Paint Protection System.
The Condition of the Paintwork when it came in
Removing Water spots with our Rupes Big Foot 15.
Polishing the tightest area with our Rupes Mini!!! Such a small and handy tool!

Finished Product
Before we finished with this posting.....
Let Us take a Selfie....

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1st Gear
Prakash had recently collected his Black Boxster S from Stuttgart and dropped by for us to access the paintwork and also discussed how further we could help protect and maintain his car.
Upon first inspection, we found the paintwork dull and the reflection lacking depth and sharpness. 
On closer inspection, we suspect the PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) for this particular car was not up to mark and the poor workmanship is inhibiting the potential of the paintwork to shine through.
We decided to go with a  2 Step Correction was carriend out late into the night followed by a final Finishing Polish to extract as much gloss and clarity before sealing up the finished paintwork with BEEDS HD Premium Ceramic Treatment and left to cure overnight behind our shutters.
When we arrive the following morning to touch up on the finer details and having the morning sun shining into our shop. The Boxster was simply glowing in its own light.
Prakash came shortly after and like the effect so much that he dropped of his daily driven vehicle, Q5 to be groomed by us as well.
Do enjoy the little photoshoot.
Paintwork looks dull and marred.
Indoor Shoot
Clarity and depth, Looking like a black hole.

Semi OutDoor Shoot

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1st Gear
Hello Everyone, We are excited an honored to be given a chance to groom a Beauty from the Land of the Rising Sun recently.
James from MAXIMUS Racing has dropped by and left his beloved and souped up GTR for some Car Detailing Goodness.
Nothing was spared and only the very best was given to this machine from James and that's how we will approach this opportunity as well.
James left the car in our car for 2 days and we got down to work.
After a good wash and clay, We proceed to inspect the paintwork and found it to be in relatively good conidtion despite the drive up north and track days it has been thru. Some Minor Swirls, random scratches and machine swirls to take care of.
The first step of Correction was using SONAX Perfect Finish with a SONAX Orange pad to correct and bring the Paintwork to a shine.
Following that we step down to using a SONAX Finish Polish and a Black Finishing Pad to jewel maximum gloss from the Paintwork.
Even the License Plate is not spared from our polishing efforts. :yahoo
Once we were Satisfied with the result, we proceeded to prep the paintwork for Beeds HD Ceramic Paint Treament.
This is a important step to ensure any residue polish compound/wax/sealant that is still lingering on the paint are removed thoroughly so ensuring the coating has a clean paintwork to bond to for maximum longevity.
2 layers of Beeds HD is then hand applied to every inch of the paintwork.
The coating is left to cured overnight behind our shutters and ready for pick up the following morning after our final inspection.
We will like to take this chance to thank James for the trust and support. :thumbsup
Some photos for everyone to enjoy.


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1st Gear

SLK spotting a Original WALD Kit that is so menacing!


Paintwork is peppered with water spots and machine swirls, car wash scratches and is losing its shine and clarity.


We went thru 3 Step Paint Correction and Finishing Polish and seal it up with SONAX Nano Paint Protect & Polymer Netshield.































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1st Gear
We had a very rare and absolute gem that grace our place that day.

A one and only Porsche 964 Carrera RS in its Original Ruby Red which was the distinct colour that was marketed when it was launch back in 1992.


Only 15 RHD of this model were ever produced in the world and we are lucky that we have 1 roaming around in our sunny island.


This has become a serious collectors item with the most recent auction in UK for 100,000 Pounds, Which can get u many newer Supercars there at that price. 


But she is not a Garage Queen at all, in fact not only that its a daily driven car, it enjoys road trips up north for some serious B Road driving.

I applaud owner's effort to self maintain his cars all these 22 years and you can see the love and effort showered upon it.


Running on a 3.6L NA Flat 6, Rear engine placement to keep CG to absolute lowest. The Engine is one of the last Air Cooled one as car makers quest for more power brings in the technology of water and inter coolers.


The interior is superbly well kept in its original state with the seats recently freight back to Scotland to have it rewrapped in the 3 tone accented Purple Hide. The Styling both interior and exterior is way ahead if its time and stoodfast to changing taste and remains one of the most iconic 911s in history.


Aluminium Bonnet and also Magnesium Rims were signs of its racing pedigree back then and its showcase the journey of automotive technology we have come till now.


Corrected and Finished by B'Shine Grooming.


Coated with Beeds HD Premium Ceramic Coating.


We are honor to be able to service this wonderful Classic.































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1st Gear
Steven has been a long time friend and supportive customer since we set up.


Having groomed his Honda Fit, to a Ford Mondeo and now a brand new latest Ford Mondeo with us.



We will like to extend our thanks a appreciation for his trust and support.


Having only collected this car a month ago, he has been wanting to do up a Paint Protection System but had some hiccups that needed the dealership to sort out first.


The new Mondeo has much improved aesthetics with the front end looking with a hint of Aston Martin designs. 


The interior is also very well done up with a real luxurious feel to it. 


We went thru our New Car Treatment followed by coating the Paintwork with

Beeds HD Premium Ceramic Treatment to protect the paintwork for 2 years.


Steven took up our Enhanced Maintenece Package which also includes Regular Car Spa Sessions and a 2 years warranty.





















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1st Gear
Frankie had collected his Toyota Harrier 3 weeks ago and drop by wanting to have it Paint Protected by SONAX Nano Paint Protect as soon as possbile.


Even with "New" cars, sometimes the process is not as simple of just coating the Paintwork straightaway.


As the car will most likely had gone through a PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) which includes a grooming session as well. The Machine Swirls and Holograms caused by Coarse Polishing needs to be cleared and finesse up prior to the application of any PPS.


A Single Stage Paint Correction and Finishing Polish was carried out and further cleanse prior to coating of the SONAX Nano Paint Protect.


Check out our video edits of paint inspection.












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1st Gear
Happening now...


Mercedes-Benz Premium Show at Paragon Orchard from 20th Oct to 26th Oct 2015.


Get up close and personal with...


//AMG C63



Maybach S-CLASS


B'Shine Grooming is glad to have the trust of Mercedes-Benz to bring their display cars beyond show room shine for this event.



















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1st Gear
Sometimes you know you have the good vibes and connection with someone even before meeting them.


Kenny is one such customer turned friend.

Having collected his Harrier, he contact us and shared with us in depth abt the "Project" that he was embarking on.


A Original WALD Black Bison kit was to be made to order and freight in from Germany. A Long tedious wait of close to 3 months as he waited for its arrival.


As he was going on a trip prior to its arrival, he sent in his car to have it resprayed to its current Frozen Satin White. The Paintwork was allowed to cure and complete the gassing out process for a month, which he took extra care not to damage the paintwork. For Frozen finishes, its can be really hard to take care of as correction works cannot be carried out like what we can do for gloss finishes.


The paintwork is cleanse thoroughly before 2 layers of Beeds HD Premium Ceramic Treatment is coated upon.


With the arrival of the WALD kit, the car is finally "complete" in its exterior looks and the Kit is then fully coated again.


We are proud and honored to have gone thru this whole journey together with Kenny and we can feel the efforts, thoughts, planning and money that have gone into making this Harrier indeed, one of a kind in SG.














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Hello Everyone.


Its been a while since we updated our post here but it has been a very interesting 2 weeks for us at B'Shine Grooming.


We were concurrently engage by BMW for their Launch of their revolutions all new 7 Series and also for their BMW Experience days at the Meadows @ Gardens by the Bay which span over the first 2 weeks of the event.


We are also there for Mercedes-Benz Road show over at Vivocity for the 2nd week.


Finally also for Audi during the Weekends for their Display at Cars@Expo. (Unfortunately We were in such a rush that we forgot to take photos)


Compared to the BMW World 2014 event @ MBS last yr. This year is a lot of challenging as its going to be a Indoor and also Outdoor event. Several meetings and correspondences to understand and come up with solutions to provide the service for both BMW and also to their exclusively invited guests to the events.


If I thought that the planning and logistical part was tough, the execution was even more challenging as many of our job is out under the sun and with very challenging time and physical constraints.


After 2 weeks in the sun, we have all started looking like this with our shirt off.




A huge shout out to our friends from the Detailing industries that came by to help us out with the execution or we could not have handle it all by ourselves.





After a chaotic 2 weeks and sitting back today to reflect.

Its been a fantastic learning experience for us and we are glad that the big 3 leading Luxury Automotive brands have continue to engage us over the yrs.


Trusting and believing in our knowledge, service and workmanship to bring that extra aesthetic pleasantry to their events to our best abilities.


Thanks for taking your time to read thru such a lengthy post.


We shall now continue to go back to what our core services is.

Detailing our clients car to our best abilities too!



















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Jeric's SLK spotting a Original WALD Kit that is so menacing!


Paintwork is peppered with water spots and machine swirls, car wash scratches and is losing its shine and clarity.


We went thru 3 Step Paint Correction and Finishing Polish and seal it up with SONAX Nano Paint Protect & Polymer Netshield.

























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