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Welcome to AUTO 101


At Auto101, our passion for cars runs through our veins. 
We are driven to provide high quality automotive services,
with your satisfaction our top priority.




Our Services Include:

  • Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs

Is important to have your car serviced and maintained regularly to ensure optimum performance and no let downs. At Auto 101, our team of highly qualified technicians will ensure that your vehicle is properly maintained top-notched all the time! Every car that comes to us for servicing goes through our Real 26 Vehicle Checks system where we thoroughly inspect almost every component of your car, making sure it is road worthy and safe. 


With every servicing, your records will be data-based and customers will receive a printed report of what has been checked and done together with the servicing. Customers can request for their records to be pulled out whenever a situation requires (e.g. when you are selling your car). We will also send out service reminders via e-mail and SMS on the 5th month after your last date of service. A valued-added service brought to you from us @ Auto 101!


All vehicle makes and models are welcomed as we're backed with our extensive assortment of diagnostic equipment!


  • Systems and Accessories installation

From LED lighting and In-Car Entertainment (ICE) systems to Car Cameras and Alarm Systems, nothing will faze our team of professionals. At Auto 101, we believe in quick, lasting, neat and presentable work. We will spare nothing to provide the best service in all your systems and accessories installation needs.


  • Air Conditioning Services

Keep your air-con cool and clean with us! From cabin filters, system flushes and gas refills to condenser servicing, motor replacements and leak checks and seals, we've got it all to keep your cabin nice and cool! 

  • Vehicle Lighting
  • Battery Supply and Service
  • Suspensions & Brakes
  • Vehicle Camera Systems




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Auto 101 Product Highlight:

MPM International Oil Company



MPM International Oil Company is one of the leading suppliers of lubricants in the Netherlands and is establishing its position on the international market. 

MPM's lubricants are composed entirely in accordance with car manufacturers' mandatory specifications. 
The automotive market is constantly changing and updating with new technologies and legislations. MPM continuously strives for new products and ways to improve its service, and together with its distribution, their aim is to move things forward.
Produced, packaged, and distributed only from a central location to the world.
Original Source, Original Location, Original Brand.
Use MPM's Premium range of Engine Oils, Transmission Fluids, Coolants, and Additives on your cars now!



For product recommendations, visit MPM's website @ http://www.mpmoil.nl/?language=en


Browse through our Facebook album to view the different applications of MPM's lubricants on various cars locally!

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Lexus IS250 on our TRW XPS High Carbon Slotted Rotors & Original Brake Pads
- Increase your braking performance
- Enhance driving safety
- Direct plug & play, no modifications required



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The owner of this Honda Stream came in requesting for a brake pad change with feedback of noisy, and poor braking. When we took off the wheels and inspected the brakes, we were all in shock!

There was absolutely NO brake pad on one side. Previous workshop that was maintaining this vehicle failed to check the brake pads on this vehicle. The metal backing on the brake pad was grinding onto the rotor and totally worn off. There was just only a little more than a millimeter of material left on the rotor. And because of the lack of material, the brake piston over-extended and popped out of the caliper, leaking brake fluid everywhere. The car had close to no brake fluid left.

This, causes accidents.

It continues to worry us whenever new customers roll into our shop for our services and we find hazardous situations like this.
@ Auto 101 (Singapore), we take pride in what we do and are responsible for our services rendered to our customers.


We make sure every vehicle leaves our premises functioning optimally and safe for every customer and everyone else sharing the road.

The team acted promptly and repaired the brake caliper, flushed out all remaining brake fluid, replaced and bled all four calipers, and replaced the rotors and pads with our TRW Brake Combo.



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Bosch Double Iridium Spark Plugs installed on this Honda Civic Hybrid.
Bosch Iridium Spark Plugs are engineered to deliver both high performance and long life, representing the best of OE spark plug technology.


The ultra-fine wire design and laser welded tapered ground electrode deliver optimum performance, while the iridium center electrode and platinum ground electrode help it to go the distance. Unlock the performance in your engine with Bosch Iridium Spark Plugs

Key Features
- Bosch original equipment design, materials and processes represent the best of OE technology
- 4X longer service life compared to standard copper plugs
- Ultra fine wire design and laser welded tapered ground electrode
- Iridium center electrode tip and iridium-platinum alloy ground



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Nissan Teana J32 in for full set of KYB Excel-G Gas Shock Absorber replacement and TRW (plain) Brake Rotors & NIBK Ceramic Pads.



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Air Conditioning systems in a car bring great pleasure to drivers and passengers. Keeping the heat and humidity away and the passengers cool and dry. However, when one fails, it brings about adverse effects.

The evaporator (cooling coil) on this Toyota Vios was leaking harmful refrigerant into the cabin and because of the leak, the A/C is not working and all the windows would fog up during a rainy, humid day. Making driving a very hazardous affair.

In a car's A/C system, cold, low-pressure liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator. Warm air from the interior of the vehicle passes through the evaporator by action of the blower fan. The cooler refrigerant flowing inside the evaporator absorbs heat from the warm air.


At the same time, humidity in the air condenses on the cool evaporator’s surface, then eventually drips out of a drain tube to outside the vehicle. This is why you see water dripping underneath a car while the air conditioner is on.

So in a way, though indirectly, A/C systems not only keep you comfortable, they are a significant factor towards driving safety as well.



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Mazda 3 in to install full set of TRW Brake Combo for both front & rear.
TRW XPS High Carbon Slotted Rotors & TRW D-Tec Ceramic Brake Pads

- XPS High Carbon Slotted Rotors rated to 650°C
- D-Tec Ceramic Brake Pads rated to 600°C
- Increase your braking performance!
- Enhance your driving safety!
- Direct swop & replacement for your original brake system, no modifications required!



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Toyota ISIS in for replacement of shock absorbers with KYB New SR Special (front) and KYB Excel-G (rear).

All KYB authorized workshops sell and install Genuine KYB Shocks made in Japan ONLY. Make sure the boxes of your KYB shocks comes labelled with the "Singapore Exclusive" stickers on the boxes.



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Honda Fit in to replace a faulty/leaking Evaporator, and also to service A/C system;
- entire removal of condenser to chemically clean
- replace dryer
- full extraction of old refrigerant, compressor oil, and recharge with new.



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1972 MG BGT back in for polyurethane suspension bushing replacements and Pioneer DEH-X2750UI CD Receiver.
Adding modern touches to this classic British sports car!



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Working on a vehicle's A/C system is never an easy job but always one of the most satisfying. Maintaining an almost prone position with its rocker panel thrusting up onto your torso while removing and installing an evaporator is bound to leave you with sore ribs at the end of the day. But when all is done and the owner of this vehicle gave us a thumbs up exclaiming (in his own words) "美美啊!(very good!)" leaving with a big smile on his face, that's all we needed.

Problem solved on this meticulously maintained Honda Accord CP1 that came in with excessive vibrations during idle and chemical smells in the cabin; A/C Compressor and Evaporator replaced.



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Valve Cover Gasket & Plug Seals replacement on a BMW 523i (E60)!



Brand new 24V Hino truck install Reverse Camera & LCD Monitor.



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Hyundai Verna overheated and blew a Head Gasket.
Pay attention to the colour of the engine oil. That's engine oil mixed with coolant, thus the colour.
New head gasket, new oil seals all around, new timing belt kit, new water pump, hoses and pipe done for this Verna





Valve cover off



Signs of engine oil mixed with coolant.



Camshafts removed



Clinder head and Intake Manifold assembly removed from engine.





Engine Decarbonizing at its finest:
Cleaning and prepping engine block and pistons

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Jaguar XK 4.2L Coupe in for XADO Atomic Metal Conditioner (AMC) Maximum SUV (Up to 10 litres) - UPGRADE VERSION!
What we like to call an "Engine Rebuild in a Bottle", XADO Atomic Metal Conditioner (AMC) Maximum is the ONLY real engine additive that you need. Each treatment lasts 100,000KM!

Specially Blended for our local climate; XADO AMC Maximum UPGRADE VERSION:
- Rebuilds worn engine metal & reverses metal wear
- Restores engine compression & improves power
- Reduces fuel consumption
- 1 time application provides engine wear protection up to 100,000km



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