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QMI ToughGuard Paint Protection Coating

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We specialize in Car Paint work Restoration and Paint Protection Coating for more than 2 decades.

Remember to check on our 2 products websites for more information and video demo at http://www.toughguardsingapore.com/ (ToughGuard Paint Protection)  (QMI Paint Sealant)


The Ultimate Paint Protection Coating from USA. Active Ingredients of Nano Teflon Ceramic Resins and Nano Glass Polymer as hard as 9H measurement. Great for New Cars. Being used by Aerospace, yacht and luxury vehicle's. Last up to 5 years Shine.


Click For Promotion Here : https://qmicargroom.weebly.com/


Do Check us out for new updates at our Facebook by typing "ToughGuard Car Grooming" https://www.facebook.com/ToughGuard-Car-Grooming-Centre-759040914177568/?ref=bookmarks


A Revolutionary Super Hydrophobic coating that repels water, oils and dirts using Nanotechnology from QMI Paint Sealant and ToughGuard PPS. This is a Micro fibre cloth that is widely used for cleaning household dirts and dirty water and car washing. These micro fibre cloth absorb water easily for ease of cleaning. Our Nanotechnology products coating causes repellent to the water. This is the real world test. The micro fibre cloth was used to wipe off the coating from our customer cars and it got coated naturally without us applying any coating deliberately. Amazing Hydrophobic yeah....

Once again, I am showing to everyone who is concern and serious about visual road safety during rainy downpour. I was inside my vehicle and took this video to prove and illustrate to everyone that coating the windscreen definitely have a hydrophobic water repellency effects as can be seen here on another vehicle that do not have windscreen coating. I used our QMI ToughGuard Coating 1 and half years ago on all the Windscreen and windows, yet it is still having a great water beading properties. QMI ToughGuard Paint Protection Coating will also provide the same for your car paintwork. To know more, kindly contact 94790355 www.toughguard.weebly.com

The Number 1 Paint Protection from USA. QMI is the pioneer in PTFE (Teflon) Technology. Teflon coating in many Industrial application as well as Marine and Automotive.   This is a 2 decade test video done in USA in a reputable Lab in America, the technology was being brought into today's market with different names, reverse engineering and OEM etc.  And it's namely a mixture of polymers,Teflon, Acrylic (today known as Glass or Ceramic coating) and other bonding ingredients.  But what you see here is likely what you could have seen today in other products demonstration, particularly, Hydrophobic water repellent, Anti-Graffiti, Heat or UV Resistance etc.



If your craving is for Ceramic 9H pencil hardness,

We have the new engineered QMI ToughGuard Nano Ceramic 9H pencil hardness coating. This is a Titanium Grade Nano Ceramic 9H Permanent Coating. This Nano technology is an advance Liquid Crystal Diamond Glass 9H Ceramic Coating that is 100% pure in its Ceramic hardness. It has a 9H pencil hardness crystal shine film coating after application done and dried. The benefits that you can experience for your car are super hydrophobic dirts and water repellent, self cleaning, unique scratch resistance, anti-graffiti, anti-corrosion, prevent against paint oxidation and fading, prevent against water marks and bird droppings (car owner worst nightmare), prevent againts UV ray attacks and high temperature resistance, enhancing super crystal diamond shine gloss on your new or old car. Back by 3 years warranty shine package and a Life Time warranty package.


Which ever the products technologies you choose above, it will surely gives you the ultimate benefits that top range Paint Protection System PPS (which we have) can provide to suit your budget and expectation.









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I have been thinking of paint coating my car and i found out that QMI and ToughGuard are the best combination of coating for my car. It consists of Teflon and glass coating. Apparently, the coating can last about 3 years and it is guaranteed for 3 years. The service provided by Mr Lim and Yeo was superb, moreover, the price is very reasonable and I am glad that I have made the right choice in choosing this product. 

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Hi Justin,


Glad that you are satisfied with our services and your full trust in our unique products (QMI & ToughGuard) from USA.


You can be rest assure of our Warranty and Durability of the products Technology.


Thank you for writing in to give us such support and good comments.  


We sincerely do appreciate and hope you have a wonderful time enjoying the shinning gloss of your car paint work and easy maintainance in the coming days.


Best Wishes..




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Do you know that the atmospheric contaminants and pollutions caused by the Haze are acidic and harmful to your car paint work and condition? It can easily cause your paint to tarnish and oxidise even without water droplets. When rain, the contaminants which are corrosive and acidic will be brought down even more to settled on the paintwork and can attack the paint leaving water droplets marks and spots.


The best solution is to take a preventive measure using the QMI Paint Protection Coating that contains PTFE Teflon against such attacks. PTFE are the only known resins technology to resist acidic attack. Currently, we are the only company using PTFE Coating in Singapore.


Promotion now at $350 for Saloon Car. So Hurry.... before water mark strikes.


For more information, check our website at http://www.toughguardsingapore.com

You may also get to know us more and our products and find us at our Facebook or Google sgcarmart by typing the keywords "QMI ToughGuard"


We strongly believe that an educated buyer is our best customer.




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This is our IMM Shop at 3rd Level Carpark.   This Mitsubishi car was done superbly shinning by our QMI ToughGuard Paint Protection Coating.


Picture speak a thousand words.






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This XJ Jaguar paint was badly tarnished with lots of hairline scratches and watermark and some chemical stains that was hard to remove. We transformed it to Show Room Shine. Customers brought for our staffs food and drinks. Wow.




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This sport car after coated with the QMI Paint Sealant with the combination of the ToughGuard Nano PPS, the paint work and gloss became as good as the expensive Rosso Fuoco Paint which is being used on Ferrari. What great glossly wet look effect. The American products in America and Japan warranty up to 5 years shine with proper car wash maintanance just by using water washing once or twice a week. No waxing needed after treatment.





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The Honda Vezel and the Nissan Qashqai are currently the most popular SUV cars in Singapore. Today, these 2 type of totally new vehicles was being treated and coated with our QMI ToughGuard Paint Protection Coating at our IMM shop that transformed into Diamond Crystal Glossy Shine that look much better than they had taken out from the Showroom. Both customers had agreed and testified with amazement.  The protection will last many years without polishing.

















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If Toughguard Paint Protection Coating can protect Aircrafts, Yachts and Boats against hash environment paint attack, What make you think your car do not need it?







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Before and After treatment. These are the real results done at our IMM Shop. The non metallic white paint work of this van turned into a mirror glassy shine on the paint and look almost like show room van.  




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Loving all that Protection and Crystal Diamond Gloss that come with easy maintenance for these Luxury Cars....  These are some of our very satisfied customers cars.   The cars are not new, but we transformed it more shining than showroom conditions.     A picture speak a thousand words.






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This customer Lexus car paintwork was stained with chemical that cannot be remove with any waxes or polishes but needed to be respray. Fortunately he came to us to remove the stains and restored back the shine and luster with our unique products and skills.  Our products brighten up the car paint luster to be whiter and glossy.  He was happy and took up our Membership package for all his 3 cars.  See the Before and After Pictures as below.










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These are the cars we did today. These 4 cars were treated with our QMI Paint Sealant & ToughGuard Nano Technology Paint Protection Coating on their paintwork. These cars were transformed into Glossy Diamond Shine that not even New Show room car can compare with. The owner of the Honda NSX Sport Car beside paying for the paint coating protection had also requested us to apply our Hydrophonic Water Repellent Coating on his sport car windscreen and all glasses for a mere $98.00 after discount. These cars was done also with full professional Auto Detailing job in combination with our 16 years professional skills and great products from America.








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Surprisingly, today we had lots of Malay customers who came for the Car Polishing and some for the Paint Protection Coating of our unique products and skills. All were very amazed with our Auto Detailing job and the products Diamond Shine. One car owner will bring his New 5 Series BMW tomorrow after seeing the transformation of his wife car which we did today


For those with budget, you can still opt for our Promotion for ToughGuard from $350 for small car.   Car Waxy detail wash, vacuum and tyres shine at $30 and Standard Grooming at $80 to $100 using Japanese products Sealants.








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This is our 1st ToughGuard Car Grooming Branch started nearly 5 years ago at Seng Kang.   But our experience in Paint Protection Coating and Paint Restoration goes a long way since 17 years ago when we were trained by the professional Americans.
Auto Detailing, Car Polishing and Grooming is our Norm. Paint Protection Coating is our main Professional Skill and Specialty using combination of QMI & ToughGuard PPS that surpasses stringent test and were being used from Aerospace Nano Technology to Automotive and Industrial.


We are glad to inform that we are opening another branch from 1st Jan 2015 at Autobacs Bukit Batok to serve you better as car lovers.






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