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New Age Polish --> In Car Pest Fumigation

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-Have you notice cockroach, fleas, flies, mosquitoes and small crawling insect in your car?

Well then it's time to fumigate your ride?

Our fumigation comprise of ingredient like pyrethroid & exothermic substance which capable of evolving heat on contact with water emitting smoke to all tight areas of your car to force those insect out from their hideout.

100% safe as it is

-Water Base

-Non Aerosol Product 

-Safe against fire

-Big penetration

-Release Delay

-No oily residue

-Flushing out effect

Like us on Facebook "New Age Polish" Contact us at 81610131 for an appointment now! 


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If your car is infested, please do not hesitate to give us a call/SMS/whatsapp at 81610131.

Our specialist will be able to advice and help you to eliminate all pest and allowing you to have a bacteria and germs free cabin for your loved one and family members!




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