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2017 G30 BMW 5 Series


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4 hours ago, Angcheek said:


You sitting in the North pole ???  16 deg ! 

my bird also will disappear  :XD:




My skin and fat as thick as polar bear hahahaha

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5 hours ago, Wt_know said:

just buy the cheapest 1-series and have all the techs like 5-series ... LOL

The tech can be a bit glitchy at times. Sometimes the wireless Apple carplay don't connect at all. Sometimes after switching off the engine, the Spotify will stop playing, sometimes it only stops after I have locked the door.  

The auto hold and start-stop feature also don't work very well together, Mercedes' hold function is much better.

The contactless boot lip function is a bloody pain to use. Maybe I need more practice.

But I bought it for the drive, the B58 is a gem when driven hard and the cornering/ road holding is significantly better than my previous E.  

I only thing i missed is having the gear level on the steering column. Can park with one hand, no additional button to press to move between drive and reverse. 😂




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13 hours ago, Hamburger said:

N20 and now B48. Both IL4 with not too different output.

For bros who experienced both, whats your take?

It's hard to quantify, bro, because there are other factors like different gearbox, sound insulation and exhaust.

In terms of acceleration, also cannot tell based on feel because the difference is only 0.1s between the G30 530i and F10 528i, and that could be due to the weight loss of the G series.

The difference is more obvious between the 28i and 20i (I had the F30 320i). Though same engine, the increase in torque and power in the 28i really makes a lot of difference in the acceleration and overtaking. I find the 20i ok in the F30 because it is a lighter car, but the 28i is on another level with just a marginal increase in pricing.  

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