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Pop up ads on MCF & carmart

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Hi there,


anyone else having this issue?

when i click on threads(MCF) or search for car models (carmart), always have 1 or 2 pop up ads...


its only on these 2 websites....


any advise?

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Adblocker loh.


What are you using? PC/laptop or mobile device? What web browser?


I'm using firefox web browser on both PC and iphone. For PC just download their adblocker add-on. Phone just go to settings of the firefox web browser.

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am using laptop... firefox.


i have CC cleaner, ADW cleaner....


still same problem

see.... post once kenna so many times

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Add ublock origin extension to your firefox, and you'll see them no more.

Another reason could be your laptop is infested with malware.

Scan and remove with malwarebytes

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Internal Moderator

Hi, I just got some advises from the IT team, you should disable any popup/ad blocker when browsing these 2 sites or add them into the exclusion list, then you will only see the popup ad once per day only.  [;)]

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