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Way Fengshui Group - Largest Consultancy Firm In Singapore

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Company Info


Established in 1984, Way Fengshui Group is the largest professional feng shui consultancy firm in Singapore.


By integrating ancient fengshui knowledge with the latest in quality management, Way Fengshui is able to provide accuracy, dependability and high quality in our services. Not only does this allow us to become the leader in the fengshui industry, it also serves as a guarantee to our clients’ benefits. Recognised for our superior quality management, Way OnNet has been accredited with ISO 9001:2008 since 1997.


With a history of over 28 years, Way Fengshui has been providing excellent and trustworthy services to our clients, earning prestige amongst our wide clientele. Singapore provides the biggest clientele, but droves flock in from Hong Kong, China, Australia, Europe, USA and other Southeast Asian countries too.


Way Fengshui Group consists of five business divisions: namely Consultancy, E-Commerce, Publication, Retail and Education. Each contributes to the success of Way Fengshui Group and the blossoming of the fengshui industry.


Brand Vision

“To be the most respected exemplar in the fengshui industry in Singapore”

With ‘The Righteous Way’ as its guiding principle, WAY aims to become the most respected authority on the practice and integrity of the Singapore fengshui industry. Through its strong beliefs in transparency and integrity, WAY assure its clients that the trust they have placed in it will not be misplaced.


Brand Mission

“To uplift the credibility and reputation of the fengshui industry and make accessible and relevant fengshui knowledge and insights to modern lifestyles”

WAY’s ultimate goal lies in the satisfaction and peace of mind its clients derive. WAY empowers its customers by basing recommendations that are relevant, tangible and upkeeping with times.


Brand Value

“The Righteous Way”

Our commitment to your peace of mind means a lifetime of support. We help you make fruitful and effective decisions as your partners in life’s journey. This is the Righteous Way.


Way Fengshui’s Awards in 2016

Way Fengshui Group is honoured to be presented with the Teochew Entrepreneur Award 2016 (Promising Award) and the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2016 (Heritage Brand) as recognition for our contributions to the fengshui industry.



- See more at: https://wayfengshui.com/about-us/#sthash.TAQjX0q9.dpuf



You can contact us at:

Tel: 6338 3800

149 Rochor Road (Fu Lu Shou Complex) #02-11, Singapore 188425

Website: www.wayfengshui.com

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