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Hi Bro, 


Not too sure if this helps. But this product that is featured in sgCarMart has promised streak-free result. Not too expensive. You can give it a try if you want to. It is called the Invisible glass. 







Sorry to hijack this thread. I'm new to the forum and do not have enough posts to start a new topic.


Can I ask what could be the problem with my windscreen from the attached picture? Whenever light shines on the windscreen, there are lines streaks across the windscreen. I've replaced wipers, tried to clean and scrub the windscreen with windscreen cleaners, dishwashing liquid, baking soda and many other glass cleaners but doesn't solve the problem.


I have solar film installed but the lines streaks ONLY appears in the area where the wipers cover. So I presume it's not due to the solar film.


Anyone? Thanks!


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Diamond paste is actually a very abrasive compound. It has been used to polish crystal on watches. So definitely it will help if you use it to polish the glass. But bigger surface like windscreen is risky to do it yourself. Best is to engage a professional like Glass Fix. 


You can find them here! They are on our sgCarMart's Recommended Merchant List! 





which one is more effective? diamond paste or cerium oxide?


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Supersonic (edited)

Try Dr Glass





Type Of Services

  •  Windscreen Crack Repair
  •  Headlight Restoration
  •  Windscreen Watermark Restoration
  •  Windscreen Scratches Restoration
  •  Windscreen Bonding System
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Don’t bother with Dr Glass, they are incompetent in polishing!

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