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Crystal Coat: Why you should Coat instead of Wax?


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Crystal Coat: Why you should Coat instead of Wax?

Paint protection systems (PPS) such as ceramic coating/glass coating are becoming increasing popular with users due to various reasons.


  1. Time Saving

  2. Better Protective properties than Wax

  3. Achieve a high standard of gloss


1.Time Saving

With the traditional method of applying wax, there are multiple steps involved. Firstly, your car has to be washed with a car shampoo and dried completely. Next, a thin layer of compound or paste wax must be applied on the paintwork. After which, wait for the wax to harden before buffing off.

However, with a PPS coat, you do not need to wait before buffing off which saves a huge amount of time and effort in detailing your car.


2. Better Protective Properties than Wax

Another difference of Coat Vs Wax will be the level of protection that it provides. While wax may have a higher gloss unit especially if a high quality wax is used, it only gives the car a deep shine without protecting the paintwork against water marks, UV rays or Acid Rain. Also, PPS when applied frequently, causes the coat to multiply, thus extending its longevity.



3. Achieve a high standard of gloss

For the effort to result ratio, there can be no doubt that using a coating will result in a more than satisfactory result in gloss for your car, furthermore, the ease of maintenance means that simple stains can be remove by just using water! This is because the layer of coat protects the stains from penetrating the core layer of the paintwork.


Why spend hundreds of dollars on Paint Protection Systems (PPS) when you can DIY yourself at a fraction of the cost?


Try Bullsone Crystal Coat today at 25% off your first bottle!


Use code IWANTTOCOAT at checkout to receive your discount

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Anything that is to clean and protect the car interior?


Hi Tudorpapa, yes there is! we have an interior upholstery cleaner suitable for fabric/leather, matte plastic surfaces.






Alternatively, we also have a 2 in 1 leather care product with a Free cleaning cloth!






Bullsone Singapore

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Internal Moderator

Not a paid review arh. I used the rainOK before. 



Very satisfied with this product. Easy to use. And the effect of hydrophobic is excellent. I like to spray it on the rear window and side mirror. 


Give me greater confident when driving in the rain. The effect can last maybe 3 weeks? Then gonna apply again.

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