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Bid / Buy / Sales of Vehicle Registration Numbers


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SKX3666S. Year 2012 VRN. Pm for offer. X is not a alphabelt


hmmm... is this a trick question??

right, X is not an alphabet, it's a letter!!! [thumbsup]


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Neutral Newbie

SCZ 8181K


No Fuss Direct Seller.


Looking for reasonable buyer.


If keen, I can be reached at 91866663


Here's wishing everyone here at Happy New Year.



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hello all.


i got vehicle registration number SGG69H for sale.


immediate deal at LTA.


interested parties, please contact me at 9846-3411.


thank you.

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number nice or not also depend on individual... my car plate have 4 different numbers, but it coincide with my IC number and my son's birthday, so to me, its a very nice and meaningful number..

Agree. My car plate by chance is my nric and my house unit number. By chance...

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