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ItzJuzCarbon can customise any of your steering wheel, car parts, interior trim, side panel and accessories with Carbon Fibre!

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Merchant (edited)

Mr Tony, Audi A5B9.

Mr Tony chanced upon our post on sgcarmart and saw we have upgraded carbon fiber parts and steering wheels.

He made an enquiry with our sales team on a gear knob.
He came down to our workshop and saw the beautifully done gear knob and decided to install it.


After installing his knob, it felt very empty and weird, therefore he decided to get our carbon fiber steering wheel as well.





He was very happy after installing his steering, but then again looking at his trims....
He decided to order a full trim set to go with his knob and steering.

It was preordered and he waited patiently..



Once items arrived, installation was then scheduled!








Happy customer with his beautiful ride!

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Mr Wei Kiat, Mercedes S class W222.

Mr Wei Kiat felt that the 2 spoke steering wheel is hideous and it doesn't have a good grip.

He approached us looking for a facelift Carbon fiber AMG 2020 steering.

After installation, he is pleased with the results!
Good grip and also a sporty outlook!






We are so grateful for another happy customer!


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First Mitsubishi Evolution X with Carbon Fiber LED steering wheel.
Owner: Mr Hari.

Mr Hari came across our post online and saw we provide customizations for carbon steering wheels.

He saw we have done a lot for Evo X,
and decided he wanted to custom and a Carbon fiber LED steering for his Evo X.

This could be the first in Singapore or within his Evo X community, and it is also the first Evo X Itz Juz Carbon has done!

On installation day, he is overwhelmed with joy and anxious to see the end product.
Installation took almost 4 hours to complete due to a lot of technical issues that came up as this is the first Evo X we have done.






It was a challenge, but fret not! Our team of professional mechanic did their best and made it happen!

After installation, he was elated! He posted on his Instagram to announce to the whole world that he has something which others don’t.
He is so proud to be the exceptional special Evo X.

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Merchant (edited)

Mr Richard Nissan, GTR.

He saw our listing on Carousell and bombarded us with lots of questions regarding his GTR.

As he have many friends and acquaintances within the GTR community who have encountered many issues with LED steering wheel,
he had many doubts on the operation and future technical issues he might face.

He visited our showroom, had a hands on experience with our products and found our quality top notch.

Our sales team went through everything thoroughly with him and he was delighted to place an order with us.
As we also provide aftersales service, he can come back to us if he faces any technical issue with the customized steering wheel.

We ran a pre check before order confirmation.


Sales team tested and gave a brief on the functions.

Installation took 2 hours, the First LED steering we have done for GTR.






Edited by ItzJuzCarbon

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Merchant (edited)

Mr Nicholas, Skoda Kodiaq.

Mr Nicholas came across our post on Skoda Octavia RS245.

He realized we have custom order for Skoda make.
As this make is not common in Singapore, he is aware it is difficult to find someone who can customize it.

He dropped us a message on WhatsApp and our sales team went through on the pre sales to after sales procedure.

He was unclear as we spoke over the phone, thus he decided to drop by our showroom to take a look on our leather quality and stitching color samples.

As he is a non Carbon fiber lover, he ditched the idea of Carbon fiber and chose the leather option instead.

A mixture of simple and elegant perforated leather and Nappa leather.

As many SUV drivers face the same issue of the round bottom steering hindering the movement of getting in and out of the vehicle, Mr Nicholas decided on a flat base to ensure he can get in his ride with ease.

Due to the pandemic, parts from Europe and Germany was delayed and most of the big shipping companies like DHL, Fedex, UPS can’t affirm to a exact duration for most shipping.

Thus it was slightly delayed for as we order the original steering from Germany. We only use 100% Skoda parts to customize.

On installation day, he arrived earlier than expected.
Due to our busy schedule, he had to wait for our mechanic to attend to the previous appointment.

Thank you Mr Nicholas for your patience and support!






Edited by ItzJuzCarbon

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Mr Thomas, GTR.

Mr Thomas saw our post online and engaged us to change his steering.
He contacted sales team to place his order and came down for installation after.

Fuss free deal!






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Mr Zabriel, Porsche 911.

A return customer for his 911 after his 987 Cayman.
He knows that we will provide him with the perfect solution for his 911, thus he decided to come back to us for his 911 steering wheel.

We are so happy and grateful for his support once again!







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Mr Benjamin, Evo 9.

Mr Benjamin bought the car but he doesn’t like the aftermarket steering wheel.
He searched high and low for a stock steering wheel but the price was extremely high for a worn out quality.

He saw our posts on Instagram and dropped us a private message regarding the issue he was facing.
Our sales team assisted him and he was delighted he found us.

He said almost all the stock steering wheels he came across had worn out leather but cost as high as our Carbon fiber steering wheel.

He placed his order with us. However, due to CNY 2020, we were on holiday break.
He waited patiently for his steering wheel to be custom made.

After, we arranged for installation and he was pleased with our service.






He also decided to custom his interior trim panel due to the aging issue of the car.
We started with the dashboard side AKA cockpit.





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Merchant (edited)

Mr Yifei, Z4.

He found us through his friend's recommendation. 
He saw his friend's ride being beautified by us and he is in love with forged Carbon fiber.

Thus he approached us to custom make his worn out Z4 steering wheel.

He took the bold choice of being the first Z4 E89 in Singapore with forged Carbon fiber LED steering wheel.

Installation took longer as expected as this was a challenge for us as we have not done this model before.
However, our professional mechanic tested and assessed. 

Installation took about 2 hours to complete.

It was indeed tough work but our team did not give up.






A bright smile on his face when he came down to collect his car. Another happy customer!

After a week, he contacted us for his interior panel trim as he saw our post of another forged Carbon fiber Z4 interior.
He decided to replace his worn out dashboard trim and sticky shifter trim.

Order was placed. 
Waiting time was close to 3 weeks as forged Carbon fiber takes a longer to custom, however he waited patiently and didn’t give up on us!


Thank you for your trust!

Edited by ItzJuzCarbon

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Mr Don Lexus, IS300H.

He saw that we have done numerous customizations for lexus and decided to give us the opportunity to custom a steering wheel for his new ride as there was no ready stock as well.
Our sales team assisted him with the customized set up and he placed his order.






Another happy customer! 

We're glad that he found what he was looking for!

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Mr Kenny, BMW I8.

Mr Kenny found us on Facebook. He saw that we have done a wide range of BMW models.
He dropped us a message on facebook.
Our boss Marvin assisted and advised him to drop by our showroom for more details.

Mr Kenny came and was attended by our boss and our sales team, KK and Darren.
We went through the details thoroughly on his customization for his BMW I8.

He decided to get our forged Carbon steering wheel to go along as his exterior was done up in forged Carbon fiber.
He ordered a full set of interior trims and steering wheel.

On installation day, he was very excited and came slightly earlier for his appointment. 

He was very pleased with the workmanship and quality of our products after installation.







As he was following our page on Facebook, he wanted our customized in-house extended replacement paddle shifter to make his steering wheel look more appealing.






Beautiful I8 in forged carbon!


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Mr Marc, BMW M5.

He saw our ads online and decided to visit our showroom straight away to have a hands on experience and better understand the quality of our products.

He was attended by our sales team, KK.
After discussing on all the customizations for his parts, he took on our promotion bundle for his M5 as the bundle pricing offered to him was attractive.

As this is not the first M5 that we have done, we are confident that his car will be transformed into a masterpiece.

His order was slightly delayed due to COVID 19 as parts from Germany were delayed due to lockdown.

He is very understanding and did not push us too hard to get his parts in. We tried our best to fulfill within the promised time frame of 1.5 months.

As all parts are on exchange basis, nothing in his car is removed, therefore there was no downtime for him and he could continue driving while waiting for his parts to arrive.

On installation day, it took our team 1.5 hours to complete as we have done numerous M5(s) and nothing will hinder this M5 of his.














Beautifully done up.

Thank you for his support and we are honored with every consumer's trust and confidence!

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Miss Samantha, Mercedes W205.

Miss Samantha chanced upon our ads online and decided to ping us regarding our products.

Our Boss Marvin attended to her and arranged for her down to visit our showroom.
On the day of viewing, our ready stock steering wheel caught her attention and she wanted it.

As her console is in piano black and filled with scratches, she wanted another solution which is to change it to Carbon fiber.
Luckily, we have in stock for console as we have a wide range of ready stock for Mercedes.

Installation was done on the spot and she was delighted.








She went on to enquire regarding her door and dashboard trim.
Marvin told her for both door and dashboard trim, ready stock is not available as every car's spec is different, thus only open for custom order.

She agreed on custom order and we offered her a bundle price which was a huge amount saved for her.

Her custom order arrived however due to her busy schedule, she was not able to make it for first two arranged appointments.
As promised, we reserved the items for her.

Installation done within 1.5 hours for both door and dashboard trim.

She was joyful when we told her that her car is ready for collection.
She even brought along her BFF and sister to showcase her transformed ride.






Who said ladies have to sit in the passenger seat for life? They can take the wheel too!

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Miss Pearl, Mitsubishi Evolution X.

Recommend by her colleague, a consumer of ours with his Evo X steering wheel done by us.

She texted our sales team, KK, and told him that she is in love with our products.

As her worn out Alcantara steering was not grippy, she was looking to custom a new steering wheel.
Sales team sent her lots of custom options and previously done Evo X Carbon steering wheels.

She didn't want something too fancy so sh chose the signature design of red stitching with red centre line and black Carbon fiber.

Order was fulfilled within the promised time frame.






2 months later,
she texted sales team KK again regarding her interior make over as she saw lots of evolution with our customized interior Carbon fiber.

She chose to custom her door and door panel trim so whenever she open the doors she can showcase her Carbon fiber parts.

Custom order arrived and appointment was scheduled for her to come down for installation.
She came earlier than expected as she was excited.

Installation done within an hour.







A lady with a beautiful ride.

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Merchant (edited)

Mr Gabriel, Mercedes GLB.

First Mercedes GLB in Singapore with Carbon fiber dashboard trim and Centre console.

He saw our listings on Carousell and made an enquiry on his new Mercedes GLB 2020.

He knew that we have done numerous Mercedes models be it new or old, thus he entrusted that we will be able to fulfill his request.

As this car is brand new 2020 model, parts indent might take longer than expected from Germany.
He agreed.

Sales team KK kept him posted on parts availability once confirming from our Germany counterpart.

Everything took 2 months (placing order to installation)

Installation took about 45mins as we have a team of professional mechanic.




Edited by ItzJuzCarbon

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Mr James, Audi R8.

Mr James is a return customer with his R8.

He wanted to refresh his R8 with a Facelifted steering wheel.
He decided to return to us as he knew that we are capable to do the retrofit with operational buttons and paddles.

As his interior is already filled with Alcantara and leather, choice of carbon fiber is out as he doesn't want to break the contrast for his ride.

He decided to try something unique— LED display for his R8 with a mixture of Alcantara and perforated leather.

Order was confirmed however due to the Pandemic, parts will be delayed from European countries.
He trusted us again and is confident that we will not disappoint him as this is not the first ride he have done with us.

From placing order to installation, it took about 2.5 months.

He was very patient and did not rush us for his order as he is aware that all industries are affected by the pandemic.

Installation took our team about 7 hours to complete.
Nothing could defeat our team of professional mechanic! 






Car was handed over to Mr James and he was delighted that the functions and paddle shifters work as well as his original steering wheel's.

Thank you for your continuous trust and support in us!

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Mr Jerry, Mercedes CLA W117.

Mr Jerry came across our ads online for customized steering wheels.
He made arrangements with our sales team to come down to our showroom to have a hands on experience and better understand the quality of our products.

As his ride is done with leather and Alcantara upholstery, he did not want a Carbon fiber steering wheel.
He chose a full leather option for his ride.

Steering customization was delayed due to us relocating our factory therefore it took longer than expected.

Steering wheel finally arrived but clashed with the relocation of our workshop, thus his appointment was rescheduled for another week as we have to prep up our workshop to be functional.

On installation day, it was full house as some customers were also affected by the relocation of our workshop therefore their installation appointments had to be rescheduled.
However Mr Jerry was extremely patient and waited for his car to be done by our team of professional mechanic.






2 months later,
He saw our post online of a CLA with full Carbon fiber interior done up so he contacted us again regarding his interior makeover.

As he knows us well, he transferred the deposit immediately to our company bank account instead of dropping by our shop to make payment.
We are honored to have built this bond and trust with him.

Order was fulfilled in the promised time frame.







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