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Road trip from Singapore to Bangkok (2019)

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Hypersonic (edited)

I have been planning this road trip for a couple of months already. Read through the various blogs of ppl who have done the same road trip. Also find out what is the current procedure to cross the Thai border at Sadao. Booked the hotels, printed and filled the necessary forms to cross into Thailand by car. Arranged with my brother to come along with me for the drive up to Bangkok, then he flies home from Bangkok. My wife will fly into Bangkok and join me on the trip back to Singapore. So its basically chiong all the way up and take the scenic route back while enjoying the drive.


SG -> Hatyai -> Surat Thani -> Hua Hin -> BKK -> Hua Hin -> Surat Thani -> Hatyai -> Ipoh -> KL -> SG






The day before the set off, filled the car to the brim and took photo of my odometer as this is going to be a very long road trip.





6th July 2019 (Saturday)


Kiss and hug my wife goodbye and set off at 4am to pickup my brother. I didn’t want to set off so early but my brother wana avoid the causeway jam. There were indeed no jams at all and we are into NSHW. I took the first drive. Stopped over at Pagoh Reststop for pee and topped up TNG card. We switched drivers, my brother took over the drive. Next stop was Tapah Reststop as the sun begin to rise. Fuel the car to the brim and I drove now. Our initial plan was to stop at Alor Setar and enter Thailand the next day. But since we are so early, might as well try to enter it the same day.


By 1pm, we arrived at Changlun town. It is the last town in MY before reaching the border. It is only 10km to the border. We went to the Petronas station for fuel and  to get our 3rd party Thai insurance and white card. Then drove further ahead to a coffeeshop for lunch, our first meal of the day. We had bak kut the and was pretty disappointed as there is no pork ribs. Owner said the ppl here are stingy and not willing to pay so cannot cook pork rib. So funny. Anyway, just fill the tummy and move on.





Arriving at Bukit Kayu Hitam, MY side is a new custom and immigration building. No tolls/road charge/VEP to be paid. Just stamp passport and we are off, same as SG/MY crossing. However as we exited the building, we are stuck in the jam already. Traffic has built up from the Thai side till MY custom. Inching forward every few 5-10mins, it was painful.




When we were near the Thai immigration checkpoint, the police ask my brother, the passenger to alight and go through the normal walk-in immigration. He did the same for cars around me, asking passengers to alight. When I was just four cars away from the counter, I messaged my brother to check where he is in the human queue. Alamak, he still queuing at the outside of the building, not yet even enter it. So I did what everyone in front of me did, I called my brother to come over to my car and we will clear immigration together.


The process is very weird. You drive up to the counter, everyone alights from the vehicle and stand in front of the counter to clear immigration. The immigration officer don’t care how many ppl in the vehicle, he will just process your documents. So thatz what everyone did, calling their passengers to join them at the counter. The human queuing also has those tour buses passenger so would take longer time.






After having my passport stamped, I proceeded to the counter in the next building to “import” my car into Thailand. There was no queue at all here. I walked up and let the officer process the documents. He printed out the importation form and told me to let officer sign and remember to return it once I exited Thailand. As I begin to walk away, the officer shouted at me to come back. He kept saying let officer sign and point to his back, the other guy seating behind him. I tot I was to drive the car up and there is an officer at the gate to sign it. So I handed the form to the officer to sign and he also reminded me to return the form upon leaving Thailand, otherwise 10,000 baht fine.

By then, there was a guy walking to me and told me that my car has breakdown as my brother was unable to start the car. Therefore there was a jam at my lane. Oops, went back and saw my brother trying to start the car to no avail. Then spare remote I passed to him got no more battery juice and he don’t know how to start it manually. Faster start and drove off!!! Took us a total of 2 hours to clear this Thai immigration.


Woohooo, we are in Thailand. As we were stuck in the jam, I quickly made an online booking with The Regency at Hatyai for the night. We gave up our hotel in Alor Setar and went straight into Hatyai. Hatyai is 50km away from Sadao border, the drive there was smooth. Not much traffic jams. Using Waze to guide us there. The Regency has underground private carpark and it is in the night street stalls area, just opposite Lee Gardens Plaza hotel. Very well known area.






The hotel room was dated, like in the 80’s feel. We rested in the hotel room till dinner time and proceeded to take a tuk tuk to Greenway market for dinner. After that we came back to the hotel area and walked the street stalls. Then we rest for the night.


Makan photo here : https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2711591-makan-in-thailand/?p=6711758




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Hypersonic (edited)

7th July 2019 (Sunday)


Went down to the street and settled for breakfast at one of the many coffeeshops around. At this area, there was no lack of food. Shops all around selling various thai, chinese and muslim food. After breakfast, packed up and checked out of the hotel. Next destination is Surat Thani.


First we drove to the Reclining Buddha nearby and look see look see. Been here before, so brought my brother here to see see. Do a little tourist stuff. We walked around the compound and went to the river side to see ppl release fish to the river.















After sightseeing, we continued with our journey northwards. Driving thru the small villages and winding road and onto the highway Route 4. By 11am, we reached Phatthalung. Stopped over at the Shell station for pee and went over to the road side pork noodle stall for a meal. This was the exact stall that I stopped during my last trip to Phuket. Never changed at all.




Makan photo here : https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2711591-makan-in-thailand/?p=6711760


After makan, we swopped drivers and let my brother drive to Surat Thani. From Phatthalung, we used highway Route 41 to continue up north. Within 2.5 hours of drive, we arrived at Surat Thani and my brother was hungry. So we headed to the seafood restaurant by the Tapi river that I had researched on. The road leading to the place was partially off road and leads to a dead end where the restaurant is. So should be easy to find. There were a few other seafood restaurants there but I researched that this is one of the better ones. The food was good and reasonably priced, no foreigners except us both, very local place. Probably only the locals know of this place. It is next to the custom base for goods import.


Makan photo here : https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2711591-makan-in-thailand/?p=6711762


After a fulfilling meal, we drove to our hotel called Hotel CBD, one of the very few modern hotels in Surat Thani. Surat Thani is a very small town. Not much foreigners and only low rise buildings. The whole place is very local. Our hotel is also near to the wet market but we did not went to explore. The hotel provides free parking at the back.


We unpacked our stuff and rested in the hotel till dinner time at 6pm. It was a 5 min walk to the night market. I guess this is the only night market here. Not very crowded. Lots of various food to choose from.


Makan photo here : https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2711591-makan-in-thailand/?p=6711867




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Hypersonic (edited)

8th July 2019 (Monday)


The next destination was Hua Hin. We got up early and by 8am, checked out of the hotel. This will be the longest drive in Thailand so had to set off early. Quite heavy traffic at the hotel, but once cleared it, it was a smooth drive onto highway Route 41. Drove to the first Shell station along the route for my first fuel stop, V-power Gasohol 95. Topped up a total of 49 litres.






We carried on driving till Chumphon where we stopped at a petrol station rest stop for lunch. Simple meals where I had pork noodles and my brother had char siew and roast pork rice. Rested a while and we swopped drivers. Let my brother drive to Hua Hin.








Before long, we reached Ibis Hotel Hua Hin. Time check, 1.30pm. We were early but the staff still allowed us to check in. Had a rest and at 3pm, we went to the beach to have a look. It started to pour, lucky we brought umbrellas along. The beach was empty due to the rain, so just look look and went back to the hotel and wait for dinner.


6pm, we took a tuk tuk to the night market for dinner. Lucky it was not raining already. Showed my brother around the night market. We had a splendid seafood dinner and we walked the night market for souvenirs. After desserts, we took a tuk tuk back to the hotel and rest for the night.












Makan photo here : https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2711591-makan-in-thailand/?p=6712552




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9th July 2019 (Tuesday)


Woke up and had breakfast at the hotel’s café. By 9am, we checked out of the hotel. This is the day we will arrive in Bangkok!!! We first drove to Maeklong Railway Station for the touristy feel and let my brother have a look at the train market. I asked him to drive as I would like to take a photo of my car at the train station.


Within two hours of drive, we arrived at Maeklong Railway Station. I quickly jumped out of the car, crossed the road and took photos of the car. Manage to not cause any traffic jams. We drove to the carpark and went to look see the place. Lots and lots of tourists, mainly PRC. The place has also been somewhat upgraded with more food stalls. But lucky, my usual Train Noodles stall is still around. Been to this place the third time liao.
















After the yummy pork noodles, I dragged my brother to squeeze with the tourists into the train market. He hate it. Let him experience it.

We then drove back to the highway and towards Bangkok. As we got near Bangkok, the traffic got heavier but still manageable. Waze directed us to the side road to bypass the traffic. Soon we reached the toll booth into BKK.


After paying the toll, there were two police officer who told us to park to the meridian between two toll booth. He saluted me and greeted me. I asked what is the problem. He said that while entering the tolls, I had crossed the single continuous line. I explained that I was on the right most lane, I did not realised that it was an easy toll booth. As I do not have an easy card, I had to make a switch to cash payment toll booth, therefore the infringement. He insisted that I committed an offence and requested for my driving license which I promptly handed over to me.


He explained to me the procedure in Thailand is that I will be issued a ticket and the police will keep my driving license. Once I had to pay my fine of 1,000 baht within 7 days at the police station before I am able to retrieve my driving license back. That shocked me, the fine amount of 1,000 baht for such a small offence and the retaining of my driving license. Where am I supposed to find him to get my license back? So I asked if I can pay on the spot. He said no. But he can “help” me pay the fine, if I pass him the cash. He pretended to scribble on the summon ticket, look at my car plate and collected the cash from me under the backboard. He then returned me my driving license and said he will help me pay my fine and lastly, welcome to Bangkok!!!


My brother told me that we were just suay, been speeding all the way and get caught for just a small offence. Most probably because of the unusual carplate (Singapore registered plate) that stands out from the rest so we are easy meat.













With Waze, we were guided smoothly in the heavy traffic to Ibis Hotel Siam. In BKK, you have to know where you are going and which lane to position your car so that you will be able to make the turn. Drivers here are pretty aggressive but once you signal, they usually give way. Even when making a wrong turn.


We reached the hotel at 1.30pm but was told to wait for our rooms as it was not ready. Check in time was 2pm. Since it was 30mins wait, we just waited at the lobby. At 2pm, the receptionist informed us that the room was still not available. There was some sort of conference and school trip there so I guess they were lack of twin bed rooms. At 2.30pm, was fed up and spoke to the duty manager that we had waited for an hour already and check in time was 2pm. She immediately found us a room and apologise for the long wait.






We simply put our luggages in the room and crossed over to MBK for shopping and makan. After MBK, we walked to Central World and Platinum. It has been a long time since my brother has been to BKK so I updated him the latest malls and where many Singaporeans hang out. After window shopping, we went to my usual street food stall for dinner. It was a first for him as he never ate on the street sidewalk in BKK. Good food and very local feeling. It began to rain after our meal and we managed to get back to the hotel before it really poured.



Makan photo here : https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2711591-makan-in-thailand/?p=6713422




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10th July 2019 (Wednesday)


Breakfast at the hotel’s buffet area. Then my brother packed his bags for his flight home. We looked at Google map and see where the traffic jams were. And decided to drop him off at Phaya Thai airport rail. Drove him there, said our goodbyes and thanked him for accompanying me to BKK. Then I drove back to the hotel. Switched on my laptop and watched Toggle Catch Up shows.

Lunch time was spent walking to MBK for lunch at McD, the pork burger is so yummylicious. Walked to Siam Center and have a look to get some exercise. And its back to hotel again for more Toggle shows.


Makan photo here : https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2711591-makan-in-thailand/?p=6713975


Guess what……….received a PM from @steveluv for a meetup in the evening. Was glad that I had something to look forward. 5pm, drove out, braving the evening traffic and met up with him at the outskirts of BKK at a cosy Italian restaurant. Very very homely place with a relaxed atmosphere. Nice meeting and chatting with him. The problem is, he kept feeding me with these fantastic food made personally by the owner. OMG, I loved the pan fried sea bass fish and mushroom. We chatted till 9pm and I had to go as I wana visit Yaowarat (Chinatown). Showed him my SG registered car and off I went. Good food, good company!!!


Drove back to the hotel and parked my car. Took the BTS and changed to MRT to Hua Lamphong. From there, I walked to Yaowarat, 10 mins walk only. Even thou it is 10+pm, Yaowarat was still busy with lots and lots of ppl. Walk walk, look see look see and had some food along the way. By the time I am done, already 11.30pm. I flagged a cab and he straightaway told me just pay him 100 baht and he fetch me to the hotel. That is cheap!!! I hopped on and off we went. Along the way, we chit chatted. Nice driver.






Makan photo here : https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2711591-makan-in-thailand/?p=6713972

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11th July 2019 (Thursday)


Had my breakfast at the hotel, packed my luggage and checked out of the hotel. Wana have a look at the historical city of Ayutthaya. Upon leaving the city, the drive was smooth and very straight. Took a relaxing drive and watch the various padi fields that I passed. As I was nearer to my destination, decided to stop at a village and launch my drone, DJI Mavic Pro. Had brought it along and did not have a chance to fly it and now is the time.


What an amazing view high up there of the padi fields. Took some photos and videos of the surrounding and continued onto my destination.


Video here : https://youtu.be/PaWgVbf7Lks








Parked my car at the huge carpark next to Ayutthaya historical city. Free parking. The city is huge with various temple to visit in the area. I have researched and only want to visit some, not all the temples. The distance between the temples can be very far, there are bicycles for rent or tuk tuk to bring you to the various temples. But I prefer to walk and exercise at the same time. The weather was hot, very hot.

I visited temple number 7, 10 and 15. Number 15 has the most tourists for its famous Buddha head in the tree.




































Bonus photo of three Malaysian xmm dressed up visiting the temples.




















Completed what I wana see by 1pm and drove back to BKK city before traffic starts to build up. This time changed hotel to Novotel Platinum Hotel which my wife wanted. Reached the hotel 3pm and checked in. Lots of parking available but must drive till B4. The carpark was narrow and my car is long so had to really drive with all parking sensors turned on. Went to Platinum mall next door to grab a snack, crepes cos never had lunch. Good view of the streets below.















Rest in the hotel till dinner and I went back to the street food stall and eat salt bake fish again.


Makan photo here : https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2711591-makan-in-thailand/?p=6714599


8pm, went to Ratchaprarop airport train station which is just a short walk from the hotel to meet up with my wife who had flew in from SG. She came with just her backpack cos all her luggages I had brought it with me in the car. We went to Talad Neon night market and begin her shopping and supper.

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Hypersonic (edited)

12th July 2019 (Friday)


Met up with my wife’s brother who also flew in on his own for breakfast at McD and followed my grocery or rather thai tibits shopping at the Big C mall opposite Central World. Bought lots of tibits, no scare of overload luggages cos the wagon will swallow everything.





Went to Central World for shopping followed by lunch at McD there, pork burger again. Then we head back to Platinum mall for more shopping before going back to hotel for a break. For dinner, I decided to brave the traffic and drove to Rachatda Train night market. Parked the car at Esplanade shopping mall which had a great view of the colourful night market.











After shopping and makan, when leaving the carpark, came across a shocked Singaporean spotting my car there. As he crossed the road in front of my car, he needed a second glance to confirm it is a Singapore car in BKK.






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13th July 2019 (Saturday)


We woke up late and walked to MBK for lunch. Also shopping at MBK, Siam Centre and The Market. Back to Platinum mall with more shopping. Thatz how we spent our whole afternoon. Too much shopping for me but not for my wife.







Dinner, I brought my wife and her brother to the street food stall for makan. Last night in BKK, will miss the salt baked fish. After dinner, we went back to Talad Neon night market for shopping and it began to rain. We managed to run to the nearby Berkeley hotel for shelter. After waiting for some time, we decided to take a cab back to the hotel. It was actually diagonally opposite the hotel we staying but no choice so just hop on the cab for 100 baht to bring us back.



Makan photo here : https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2711591-makan-in-thailand/?p=6715644

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14th July 2019 (Sunday)


Buffet breakfast at hotel and packed our luggages. Checked out of the hotel and drove to Chatuchak weekend market. Very smooth drive there as it was a Sunday and we were early. Parked my car at the mall next door called JJ mall. Walked around and did some shopping, ate the original coconut ice cream. Bought some aquarium accessories and perfume refills. All of us were not hungry so no lunch for us.

When we decided to leave the mall, alamak, the carpark exit is jammed with many cars also exiting. Took us 30mins just to exit the carpark. Drove my brother-in-law to Suvarnabhumi airport for his flight back to SG. The drive there was smooth with lots of prominent blue signs directing you to the airport. But at the airport departure gate, it was a chaos there. Many vehicles simply park at the side and others double or even triple park beside them. Find an empty slot and just stop and let me alight and unload his luggage. There was simply no police control there. Faster got out of the airport and onto the highway.





Next destination is back to Hua Hin, only 3 hours away. It was 2pm when we dropped my BIL at the airport. Waze directed us to use highway Route 9 to bypass BKK city. Smooth drive on my side of the road but there were traffic jams at the opposite side as I guess ppl are getting back to the city for work the next day. When we hit Route 4, stopped at the Shell station to fuel up and a pee stop. Then we continued down south to Hua Hin.




By 5pm, we reached Ibis Hotel Hua Hin. Yes, I am back to the same hotel. I liked the location of this hotel and also not too expensive to stay. Just 500m down the road is Cicada weekend market. We dropped our luggage in the hotel room and went there. Cicada market mostly selling local artist stuff. My wife love looking at such stuff. The food section however requires you to purchase coupon booklet to buy food. However Tamarind market next door got no such nonsense and much cheaper food too. So we went to Tamarind market for dinner, the bbq pork ribs are really good, I highly recommend it. After dinner, we walked back to Cicada market to buy some artistic stuff.























Makan photo here : https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2711591-makan-in-thailand/?p=6716219

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15th July 2019 (Monday)


Morning 10am, drove back northwards 40km to Cha Am and visit Santorini Park. Being a Monday, no very crowded. Very nice place but the weather is very hot. My wife absolutely love the place but not for me. The ticket comes with a free ride so we spent it on the ferris wheel which had a good view of the place. We had our lunch there, pork burger set.





























































After that, we drove next door to the Premium Outlet mall. Prices here are not exactly cheap. The major brand items are still pretty much normal priced. No wonder this place is really quiet. Not much tourist around. However there were some great deals around. Kappa sports shirt was cheap, 100 baht only so I bought it. My wife found a ecco brand of shoes selling at around SGD100+ only. The same pair would have cost SGD200+ in SG. So she happily bought.





We drove back to the hotel and walked the beach. My wife went for foot massage along the beach while I walked up and down the beach looking at the various activities. The beach was lively with various water sports activities, also have horse riding.









We went to the night market for dinner, parking at the temple grounds. Seafood dinner and walking the night market for souvenirs. Really lively night market will lots of tourists.





Makan photo here : https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2711591-makan-in-thailand/?p=6716977

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Hypersonic (edited)

16th July 2019 (Tuesday)


Buffet breakfast at the hotel café and then checked out of the hotel early as it is a long drive down south and back to Surat Thani. On the way up there was no police stops but back down, we encountered our first police stop whom simply wave us thru. They were not catching speedsters, not sure what they catching. Cos I was having a go with a Pajero Sports, I was behind him off the lights. When we cleared the traffic lights, I undertook him and he simply smelled my smoke only. He wouldn’t let me past all this while so we had a drag race at the traffic lights.


Last Shell V-power Gasohol 95 fuel stop in Thailand.





After a long drive of 5 hours, arrived at Surat Thani at 2pm and head straight to the seafood restaurant next to Tapi river that I had visited for lunch. We were hungry and had great time eating there when it began to rain heavily. So slowly eat to past time.






After the rain had eased off, we drove to Hotel CBD to check in. Same hotel again as I liked the location near to the night market. Parking at the night market is tricky so it is best to stay near it. So we walked over to the night market for dinner. Let my wife have a feel of the small local town.







Makan photo here : https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2711591-makan-in-thailand/?p=6717540




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17th July 2019 (Wednesday)


Checked out of the hotel and drove southwards to Hatyai, the final destination in Thailand. My wife never been to Hatyai so it is an eye opener for her. The traffic down was smooth but there were more police stops along the way. We encountered three police stops and none of them were for speeding. I was simply waved on as usual.


Before going into Hatyai city, we visited the largest reclining Buddha at Koyo, Songkhla. It was a Buddhist holiday called Buddha Lent day. We settled our lunch there and look see look see the place. It was just next to the huge lake.













But weather too hot so soon we were on our way to the next place of interest on top of a hill called Hatyai Municipal Park. There were huge statues of various Chinese gods. However, I was there for the view. It overlooks the city of Hatyai. The view was great and also very windy up there. There is also a cable car station going to the next hill. We just sit up there and enjoyed the view and wind.





























3pm and we drove to Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel to check in. Showed my wife the places around the hotel. The many shops and stalls. We had a break at a bird’s nest shop.






Dinner time, we hired a tuk tuk to Greenway night market. In the tuk tuk was two couples of Malaysian going to Asian Seafood buffet. The driver first fetched them there. When they alighted, they were surprised that we did not alight. They quickly told me this is the best place for dinner. However, both of us had too much seafood the past few days already so we simply thanked their recommendation and went off to Greenway night market.


My wife was very happy at Greenway night market as it sells mostly female accessories and stuff. I just accompany her lor. After that we went back to our hotel and walked the streets which was full of night life.



Makan photo here : https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2711591-makan-in-thailand/?p=6717540







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18th July 2019 (Thursday)


Buffet breakfast at hotel and checked out of the hotel. Smooth traffic till Sadao border. Saying goodbye to Thailand and welcome back to Malaysia. Same weird procedure at Thai border, stop the car before the counter and walk to the counter to have your passport stamped. Then drive further up to return the import form, very important, must return the form.







At Malaysia side, there were police stop, army stop and immigration clearance which is the same as SG/MY border. But this time they wana take fingerprint. I stopped very near to the counter and the counter is much higher. I had to crawl out of my window to the fingerprint machine. Damn it. And my wife had to get out of her side and to the counter to do the fingerprint scan.


First Shell station, got to pump Shell V-power 97, 65 litres of it to my tank which was almost empty. Petrol in MY is cheaper than Thai. Thailand was 32.29 to 33.15 baht / litre for V-power 95 while MY is RM2.57 / litre.


Back to nice smooth highway which can take higher speed. By 1pm, we were in Butterworth and my wife say she is hungry. So we went over to Sunway mall and settled our lunch there. Also did a bit of window shopping at the mall.


Continued on NSHW to Ipoh, our next stop. Reached Syeun hotel at 4pm and checked in. Old hotel but good location, next to Ipoh Parade mall. 6pm, we went for dinner at Lou Wong tauge chicken rice and went to the various location produce shops there to shop. There are 5 shops there with different prices so we compared prices and bought from the cheaper shop. Not everything in the one shop is cheap.









Then we went back to the hotel and to Ipoh Parade mall. More shopping for the wifey at Parkson while I walked around the mall for supper. There was a Proton road show and I went to tried the new X70 SUV. Very well made and impressive quality.



Makan photo here : https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2714538-what-did-you-makan-today-pt-6/?p=6719265





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19th July 2019 (Friday)


Buffet breakfast at hotel. Missed the traditional nasi lemak and they had it here. Chilli was spicy and gives a kick which I liked. 10am we checked out of the hotel and drove towards KL. It was a relatively short drive of 2hr plus only.


We arrived at this restoran in Petaling Jaya called Yu Ai. Saw it on tv for its seafood noodles. Very very nice noodles and gravy but pretty expensive at RM28 for large and RM25 for small. Parking is a pain there so went and park along the street at the semi-D houses.


After that, we went to my wife’s favourite hotel in Bukit Bintang to check in. Nice to be back in KL again. The familiar place and shopping. Within 10mins of getting our room, we were out shopping liao.









Dinner was at Lot One basement.



Makan photos here : https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2706994-malaysia-where-to-eat-in-kuala-lumpur/?p=6719823






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20th July 2019 (Saturday)


Slept in and missed breakfast on purpose. Went straight for lunch at Ah hei BKT. Then we went grocery shopping at Giant in Sungei Wang mall which has totally been renovated. Wifey went on to do her hair while I brought the groceries back to the car and wait for her in the hotel.

Dinner was at Wong Ah Wang, my usual go to tze char place. Food still as good and crowded with tour groups. Waiter uncle still shows an attitude. More shopping at Pavilion mall.


Makan photos here : https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2706994-malaysia-where-to-eat-in-kuala-lumpur/?p=6720371



21st July 2019 (Sunday)


Checked out early, by 8.30am we were out of the hotel. Reached Shell petrol station and topped up my last tank of fuel for my car. 9am, made our way home on NSHW. Met a group of Ferraris and followed them back to SG. They were pretty aggressive at clearing the traffic. I simply stay behind them and just followed till halfway they went off to the rest stop. Next came along a GTR and I followed him till Gelang Patah rest stop. It was my fastest timing back to SG, 12noon reached Tuas second link. Only 3 hours from KL to SG, non-stop driving. Lucky I had a pee at Gelang Patah rest stop. There was a jam at the 2nd link from middle of the bridge. Took about 45mins to clear SG side.





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At last, I have made it!!! :a-happy:   Driving from SG to BKK and back. It was 1,800km one way. My car and I back in one piece. Love my car a lot. But too bad, this was my last trip with my Audi A6 Avant and I had to let it go after I am back in SG. [smallcry]  Being a 2L turbo car, it was really easy drive and overtaking + undertaking relatively with ease. It was a once in a lifetime trip for me and I do not foresee myself making such a long drive again.


If any of you guys wana try, I say, go for it!!! You will enjoy it. [:p]



Thanks for reading till my next road trip, thatz all for this year. [wave]

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6th Gear

At last, I have made it!!! :a-happy:   Driving from SG to BKK and back. It was 1,800km one way. My car and I back in one piece. Love my car a lot. But too bad, this was my last trip with my Audi A6 Avant and I had to let it go after I am back in SG. [smallcry]  Being a 2L turbo car, it was really easy drive and overtaking + undertaking relatively with ease. It was a once in a lifetime trip for me and I do not foresee myself making such a long drive again.


If any of you guys wana try, I say, go for it!!! You will enjoy it. [:p]



Thanks for reading till my next road trip, thatz all for this year. [wave]


Thanks for the sharing your trip details!!

It is a great write up.

Why are you letting go your A6 as the mileage is still pretty low?

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Thanks for the sharing your trip details!!

It is a great write up.

Why are you letting go your A6 as the mileage is still pretty low?



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