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FastFix - Most Preferred Onsite Car Battery Replacement Service

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Experienced a time when your car could not start in the car park? It may be at home or in the office car park, and you need to get going soon! So who do you call? 

FastFix Car Battery Replacement Service

Onsite Car Battery Replacement Service Anywhere Anytime in Singapore (Car Battery Shop). More than 300+ 5- Reviews on Facebook! (Click to see!)
The original trusted service for car battery replacement onsite, anywhere you are in Singapore (after Automobile Association)
Call 8114 5500
You may be asking, other than 300+ 5- Reviews on Facebook, why should I choose Fastfix Car Battery Replacement Service?
Here are some reasons to consider:

✔️ Fresh batteries! Do you want batteries that have been on the shelf for a long time? Batteries tend to deteriorate over time (slowly, we admit) but the freshest ones always work the best!

✔️ Triple-One Warranty! Exclusive one year, one-for-one exchange to a NEW (not used or recon) battery! Warranty coverage for petrol driven cars is battery defect causes your car to be unable to start. Diesel vehicle covered for six months.
✔️ Onsite Service = Onsite Warranty Have you encountered workshops that tell you to go back to them in case of a problem with your car? Such a warranty does not work when it comes to batteries, because your car cannot start to drive back to them! Our warranty covers us going to you for FREE in the event of a battery defect!
Fastfix Car Battery Replacement has been in the market for some time, we are known for honoring our warranty, so much so that, strangely, other battery replacement services have asked their customers to look for us when their batteries failed! Even for such cases, we go out to help the customer!
And because we intend to honor our warranty for every battery sold, we do not just sell any brand battery from less than reliable brands! For if we did sell cheap batteries, it would be warranty nightmare to serve and go out to all those customers that have battery failure! Many years of experience and actual testing, we have narrowed down the battery brands to just two highly regarded reliable brands: #Amaron and #Hoppecke
Many are very familiar with the "green battery" Amaron - why are they the best? They simply are at a price point that is best value for money - not cheap but for this price, it is the BEST there is on the market for reliable starting of your vehicle. This is attested to by the largest fleet operators in Singapore - the taxi fleets from run Amaron only! Why? Because in case of any breakdown, they immediately lose revenue $$$!
For reliable starting of your car each time you need to get going - Choose Fastfix!
Call 8114 5500


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