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ZIPSTER transport app to compare Grab vs GoJek vs Public Transport $

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This is the Agoda of the public transport world allowing you to compare prices for grab, gojek, taxis and even public transport. I tried searching on mcf for thread but no topic on this as of this morning. Also just dl-ed the Zipster app on my phone a& tried to sign-up but stopped short at the page that requires my credit card details. I know this is a car forum but maybe we will get to use this on the odd days when the car is down or on occasions where you have to drink & can't drive.

Here's the interface


Zipster, which was launched on Monday (16 sep), is an all-in-one transport app that will provide you with a price comparison guide between public transport, Grab, Gojek as well as taxis. The app will also tell you how much time it takes when you take a specific mode of transport.

If you choose the public transport option, the app will also direct you to the bus stop and tell you the time of the next bus’s arrival. It pretty much works like Google Maps, except with the price of the journey.

Subscription plans that cover bus, train and taxi fares

The app will also offer subscription packages which will give commuters free bus and train rides, while also providing discounts on ride-hailing services like Grab and Gojek. According to MobilityX – the startup behind the app – CEO Colin Lim, those who take public transport lots can expect to save up to 20% on their monthly transport spending.

There will be 3 to 5 of such plans, ranging from $50 to $100. The plans will also give users some level of customisation depending on their needs.


Each subscription plan is being made for people with different needs, allowing you to buy the subscription that suits your transportation needs. Prices of the plans are likely to range from $50 to $100.

Special deals and offers

Like most apps that start out, Zipster has a list of promotions that last until Oct.

Here is a list of deals you can enjoy until 31 Oct 2019:

  • Free rides on shared bicycles with Anywheel
  • 15% off $10 GRAB taxi voucher purchase
  • 20% off your first Gojek ride (Capped at $3)
  • First ride free on ShareTransport
  • First 3 months free with BlueSG
  • $10 credits when you try out Smove
  • Complimentary personal accident protection (up to $10,000) by AXA Insurance


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