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ChangeYourFlight.com cancel and refund bookings

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Hi all, I think many know that Scoot does not allow cancellations or refunds. However, apparently they have a partnership with ChangeYourFlight.com that allows some flexibility in this aspect.

Anyone tried using before?

I attached a screenshot of the options presented to me. Apparently I can request different amount of refund, with a decreasing probability of success. Anyone tried to request max before and succeeded?




If you changed your mind, you can ChangeYourFlight!

Our innovative partnership with ChangeYourFlight now gives you even more flexibility and value. If you know that you will not be able to make your flight due to a cancellation in travel plans, don't let your ticket go to waste. Simply request for a voucher on your unused tickets on ChangeYourFlight.

As easy as 1-2-3

Simply follow a 3-step process on ChangeYourFlight.com to request a voucher:

Enter your booking details

Request a voucher fund

Get a voucher on cancelled flight

Use of this service is subject to ChangeYourFlight's terms & conditions. Please read on for ChangeYourFlights terms & conditions.

Note: If you still wish to fly but you'd like to change to another time or date, simply go to Manage My Booking to retrieve your booking, and change to another available flight on your preferred time or date. Change fees and fare difference may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is ChangeYourFlight?

A: ChangeYourFlight is an independent travel solutions provider. By cancelling your flights through their website, you can request partial refunds of your unused tickets in the form of a voucher.

Q: Will I always be guaranteed a voucher?

A: There is no guarantee that your request will be successful. However, if you are not offered a voucher, your flights will not be cancelled or modified in any way.

Q: Does Scoot now allow cancellation and refund of tickets?

A: There is no change to Scoot’s cancellation and refund policy. Tickets are non-cancellable and non-refundable except via our partnership with ChangeYourFlight, through which you may get some value on your ticket back.

Q: What tickets are eligible for a partial refund request at ChangeYourFlight?

A: Only direct one-way or round-trip tickets booked through flyscoot.com or our Call Centre are eligible. Itineraries containing multiple flights or partner flights, and tickets booked via travel agents and 3rd-party online travel websites, are not eligible.

Q: What may I use the voucher for?

A: You may redeem your voucher on your next flight with Scoot. Simply enter your voucher code at the booking payment page on flyscoot.com – the voucher cannot be used for promotional fares, add-ons or itineraries containing partner flights.

Q: Is the voucher transferrable?

A: No, the voucher is issued under the passenger's first and last name as stated in the original booking.



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