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Cross Island Line to take direct route across sgp

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1 hour ago, Sdf4786k said:

and after the train stop, take a lift of 25 stories upwards . building things underground while help remove space restrictions is also quite costly. Ask those in the industry how much was the cost of building the carpark at esplanade and your balls will drop.

The complexity of digging and worst if the soil composite is mostly clay. then even worst.

What about the esplanade carpark ah?

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19 minutes ago, Kklim said:

Imagine the Bishan portal type of flooding in the 2km section than runs under the reserve!!


"By going through a tract of primary and secondary forests, the Land Transport Authority would not only do irreparable damage to a pristine habitat nestling around our reservoirs, but it will also be rendering up to 4km of the 50km rail project void of patronage and revenue.

The Nature Society's suggestion of an alternative route is sound, even if its primary consideration is to prevent the destruction of indigenous flora and fauna.

The route calls for the line to loop around the southern edges of the nature reserve. This actually will allow it to serve residents in Thomson, Lornie and Adam roads, not to mention the massive development planned for Bukit Brown.

Align it a bit farther south, and it can even serve Balestier, a bustling hub that does not have any MRT planned as yet.

The LTA says the alternative route would entail longer travelling time, higher cost, more land acquisition, and possibly bigger engineering challenges associated with going through a more built-up area. These reasons hold little merit when compared with the benefits of serving a larger community.

And if travelling time were such a huge concern, surely we should look to things such as speedier trains, better synchronicity between train and platform doors, and a more sophisticated signalling system?

Admittedly, a diversion will cost more than going straight through the forest. But then again, think of the larger benefit. The higher ridership and revenue that come with a line that serves populated areas instead of an uninhabited nature reserve will pay for the higher cost over the lifetime of the line. So, let's not be penny-wise and pound-foolish."


The Nature Society must have a lot of expertise to opine on the maths.  They should just keep to the argument that flora and fauna are priceless.  

LTA should rebutt with numbers.  A simple table to tabulate all the costs and benefits of the 2 routes but will they?  Surely for such a big investment, they would have done their maths.

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Site investigation works for the future Cross Island Line being carried out at the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. (Photo: TODAY)

Wayang show starring Siva, Kumar and Raj from India. 😂

Dig tunnel must give so much limelight wan meh?

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