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Brabus' Ultimate E 2020 Is a $53k USD Electric Pocket Rocket

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Brabus' Ultimate E 2020 Is a $53k USD Electric Pocket Rocket

source: https://hypebeast.com/2020/4/brabus-ultimate-e-smart-eq-fortwo-cabrio-tuned-city-car-electric-2020-first-look


Automotive tuner Brabus has given its Smart EQ ForTwo Cabrio-based model, the Ultimate E, a facelift and revision for 2020.

In 2019, the model was dubbed the first-ever performance-tuned electric car. Its latest iteration packs the same amount of power, producing 92 HP, which propels the two-seater from 0-60 MPH in 10.9 seconds. Brabus’ Ultimate E 2020 will continue onto a top speed of 81 MPH, and is good for 125 km of range. Although these figures are not in-line with Brabus’ usual high-performance models, the car does feature a three-phase synchronous motor to change the dynamics and give a greater sense of speed.

A newly calibrated torque control system, as well as four driving settings that range from “Standard” and “Eco” to “Sport” and “Sport+” give the car a “pocket rocket” feel. All of this is accessed via the “Driving Fun Switch,” which when turned to its max setting will give the car a total torque output of 180 Nm.

The Ultimate E 2020 also features a redesigned body for 2020, sporting a new WIDESTAR kit that gives more stance and a wider look to the front of the car. There’s also a new set of 18-inch forged wheels, a cockpit that’s covered in luxurious Brabus fine leather, and a new suspension system that has been tuned to cope with the wider track, lower stance and the ultra-flat tires.

Take a look at the Brabus Ultimate E 2020 in the gallery above, and inquire for your own on Brabus’ website now. The Ultimate E 2020 retails for €49,449 EUR (approx. $53,400 USD) and will be limited to just 50 units.


How nice if all the BlueSG car change to this!


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I love Bra Bust oops typo BraBus 😍😍😍

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